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Strategic Plan 

CRITICAL ISSUE 1: Human Resources for Education, Research, Service

How does AACP assist members in attracting, motivating, developing and retaining the highest quality and most diverse faculty, students, administrators and professional staff?

1.1. Increase members’ engagement in programs that enhance human resource recruitment, retention and development.

1.2. Expand the range of programs in leadership development and professionalism of students, administrators and faculty.


1.3. Identify and act upon opportunities to collaborate with other organizations in advancing Critical Issue 1.


1.4. Expand opportunities for professional student and faculty experiences in local, national and global health initiative.


1.5. Expand the evidence on those factors which impact faculty work life and vitality, and apply the findings to improve faculty recruitment, retention and productivity.


CRITICAL ISSUE 2: Academic Resources and Program Quality

How do we facilitate members having the necessary resources to advance their institutional missions and achieve the highest quality programs that exceed the standards of accreditation bodies?

2.1. Identify, prioritize and address the needs of schools relative to meeting or exceeding standards and facilitate the acquisition of resources to meet their goals.

2.2. Facilitate the development of quality preceptors and experiential education sites and the delivery of experiential education.

2.3. Work strategically with ACPE and others to impact quality assurance standards ensuring the Academy’s concerns, issues and priorities are proactively communicated to affect change.   

2.4. Assist member schools in developing and assessing the effectiveness of their programs’ outcomes and communicating about their impact. 


CRITICAL ISSUE 3: Professional Practice Development

How do we help fully integrate pharmacists’ into the rapidly changing healthcare environment and prepare our faculty and students to understand and fulfill those roles? 

3.1. Lead the development of curricula and programs that enable and empower students and pharmacists to be leaders and change agents in practice. 

3.2. Collaborate with other health professions educators and professional organizations to provide effective, meaningful interprofessional education.

3.3. Identify, promote and communicate noteworthy or best practices in education and practice.



How do we strategically position AACP to carry out its advocacy agenda to build recognition of our members’ contributions to the public’s health?

4.1. Systematize an effective model to encourage members to participate in the advocacy process.

4.2. Focus present or new publications to include external audiences (e.g. other health professions, legislators.)

4.3. Partner with consumer groups and health advocacy organizations (e.g. AARP) to assure academic pharmacy has the appropriate representation/voice.

4.4. Maximize the use of members’ research to advance the AACP advocacy agenda.


CRITICAL ISSUE 5: Research and Scholarship

How do we impact academic pharmacy's ability to strengthen research and other scholarship in practice, education and the pharmaceutical, administrative, translational and clinical sciences?

5.1 Assist members in building inter- and intra-discipline collaborations which strengthens research and increase access to quality graduate education, and postgraduate training programs.

5.2. Encourage and facilitate increased pharmacy faculty leadership and participation in research on pharmacist-driven patient outcomes, health services and health policy.

5.3 Strengthen the relationships between AACP and its members and state and federal agencies that fund the spectrum of research in academic pharmacy. 

5.4 Enhance the availability of funding for faculty investigators to help them launch and sustain successful academic careers.

5.5 Assist member colleges’ schools in incorporating an emphasis on research and a scholarly approach to practice in the professional degree curriculum.


CRITICAL ISSUE 6: AACP Financial Resources and Infrastructure

How do we ensure that the organization has the financial resources short-term (1-3 years) and long-term and the necessary infrastructure to support the mission and vision?

6.1. Increase our members’ engagement in the work of the association at all levels of governance.

6.2. Manage AACP human and fiscal resources to assure they are used most efficiently and effectively.

6.3. Regularly review programs, products and services to align them with our priorities and eliminate those that are no longer needed and less important.

6.4. Increase the return on investment from products and services.

6.5. Ensure our products and services, including future meetings, are delivered in ways and through venues that meet our members’ preferences and needs.

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