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June 16, 2017


Making the most of your teaching, research, and service 

Educating policy makers is important so policy development is evidence-based and recognizes the contributions, current and potential, academic pharmacy and the pharmacy profession can make to the policy development process. Support for any agenda is best accomplished through ongoing relationship development between interested parties. The following pages provide AACP advocates with a breadth of resources to enhance your education activities, provide a solid evidence-base for your advocacy and strengthen your relationships with policy makers.

Advocacy Alerts are shared via email to AACP members through the Council of Faculty and Council of Deans. To help build AACP's advocacy capacity, update your member profile and select the appropriate Council.

AACP/CDC Webinar

AACP, in collaboration with the CDC hosted a webinar titled Partners in Health: Developing Collaborations between Public Health and Schools of Pharmacy. Participants of the webinar learned about the approach, progress, success, outcomes, and challenges that public health officials and faculty at schools of pharmacy experience when working together to prevent heart disease and stroke. A recording of the webinar and slide deck are below:


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