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Budget/Appropriations Tables  

Each year, the President proposes spending targets for federal programs. These programs are combined into functional areas and in total create the President’s budget proposal. Congress, in response to the President’s proposal, attempts to create a similar budget document. Both the House and Senate attempt to create a budget proposal. If each chamber is successful, the differences in the House and Senate proposals are addressed and the resulting document is voted on by each chamber. This non-binding resolution sets the spending limits for federal programs through the congressional appropriations process. Congress is not always successful in passing a budget, and the President’s proposals may or may not be reflected in the congressional budget.

The appropriation of funds to federal programs is also an annual process that is overseen by the House and Senate Appropriations Committees. Each federal program is included in an area of jurisdiction within one of the House or Senate appropriations subcommittees. The intent of the appropriations process is to move funding bills out of each chamber’s subcommittees to the full appropriations committee. The full appropriations committee votes on the subcommittee proposal, and if passed, the bill goes to the floor of the appropriate chamber. The House and Senate vote on the final bill and differences between the two chamber’s bills are resolved by a conference committee. The conferenced bill is voted on by each chamber, and if passed, sent to the President. If the President signs the conferenced bill, the bill becomes law and the federal programs are funded at the levels stated in the legislation. If the President does not sign the legislation, Congress must override the President’s veto or send him new legislation.

The tables found on this page reflect just a sampling of the federal programs of interest to AACP members and academic pharmacy. If a program of interest is not included in the following tables, complete information can be found on the appropriations committee Web sites of the House and Senate that are linked above, or on Web pages of Thomas maintained by the Library of Congress.

Last updated on: 10/26/2016 2:57 PM 

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