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Annual Meeting Materials 

2016 Annual Meeting Materials

Preliminary Report of the 2015-16 Bylaws and Policy Development Committee

Advocacy Committee Report 2016

Professional Affairs Committee Report 2016

Background Document: Strategic Priorities and Dues Resolution

Background Document: Task Force on Investing in Our Human Capital

HOD Policy Webinar                               HOD Policy Webinar  
May 10, 2016                                          May 18, 2016


2016 Policy Webinar Slides

New Delegate Orientation Webinar
April 6, 2016

2016 New Delegate Orientation Webinar Slides


2015 Annual Meeting Materials

Final Report of the 2014-15 Bylaws and Policy Development Committee

Academic Affairs Committee Report 2015

Advocacy Committee Report 2015

Argus Commission Report 2015

Professional Affairs Committee Report 2015

Special Committee on Admissions: White Paper on Admissions

Background Document: AACP Special Committee on Admissions Proposals

Background Document: AACP Board of Directors Resolution

Background Document: Global Pharmacy Education SIG_Policy Proposals

HOD Policy Webinar, May 12, 2015    HOD Policy Webinar, May 20, 2015


Policy Webinar Slides

New Delegate Orientation Webinar, April 1, 2015

2015 New Delegate Orientation Webinar Slides


2014 Annual Meeting Materials

Annual Meeting 2014 Presidential Address 

Annual Meeting 2014 President-elect Address 

Annual Meeting 2014 AACP EVP & CEO Address 

Final Report of the 2013-14 BPDC with HOD actions 

HOD Financial Presentation 

Rules of Procedure 2014 Draft 


2013 Annual Meeting Materials

Final Report of the 2012-2013 Bylaws and Policy Development Committee

2013 AACP HOD Materials

HOD Policy Webinar May 2013

Background Document: Revised AACP Bylaws May 2013

Background Document: Indivdual Member Dues FAQs


2012 Annual Meeting Materials

2012 AACP HOD Materials 

Final Report of the BPDC 

2012 AACP HOD Policy Webinar

Background Document: Policy Resolution #1 and Supplement 

2012 Treasurer's Report Presentation

2012 Treasurer's Report


2011 Annual Meeting Materials

2011 AACP HOD Materials

2011 HOD Policy Webinar

2011 Treasurer's Report Presentation

2011 Treasurer's Report




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