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Delegates of Record 

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Robert A. Hamilton, Administrative Delegate
Laurie L. Briceland, Administrative Alternate
Courtney R. Caimano, Faculty Delegate
See-Won Seo, Faculty Alternate
Appalachian College of Pharmacy
Susan L. Mayhew, Administrative Delegate
Charles R. Breese, Administrative Alternate
Marcy Hernick, Faculty Delegate
Ajay Singh, Faculty Alternate
Auburn University
Harrison School of Pharmacy
Richard Hansen, Administrative Delegate
Paul W. Jungnickel, Administrative Alternate
Nicole Slater, Faculty Delegate
M. Jeanna Sewell, Faculty Alternate
Belmont University
College of Pharmacy
Cathy H. Ficzere, Administrative Delegate
Marilyn E. Thompson Odom, Administrative Alternate
Lindsay Hahn, Faculty Delegate
Angela S. Clauson, Faculty Alternate
Butler University
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Robert P. Soltis, Administrative Delegate
Bernadette K. Brown, Administrative Alternate
Lauren Czosnowski, Faculty Delegate
Sudip K. Das, Faculty Alternate
California Health Sciences University
College of Pharmacy
Daniel L. Brown, Administrative Delegate
Robert Clegg, Faculty Delegate
California Northstate University
College of Pharmacy
Hieu  T. Tran, Administrative Delegate
Karen Hassell, Administrative Alternate
Sukhvir Kaur, Faculty Delegate
Suzanne Clark, Faculty Alternate
Campbell University
College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Michael L. Adams, Administrative Delegate
Charles S. Asbill, Administrative Alternate
Kathryn Paige D. Brown, Faculty Delegate
Dorothea K. Thompson, Faculty Alternate
Cedarville University
School of Pharmacy
Rebecca J. Gryka, Administrative Delegate
Brenda Pahl, Faculty Delegate
Melissa Beck, Faculty Alternate
Chapman University
School of Pharmacy (CUSP)
Ronald P. Jordan, Administrative Delegate
Sean P. Nordt, Administrative Alternate
Khaled Elsaid, Faculty Delegate
Kimberly  Won, Faculty Alternate
Chicago State University
College of Pharmacy
Carmita A. Coleman, Administrative Delegate
Elmer J. Gentry, Administrative Alternate
Rebecca Castner, Faculty Delegate
Sabah Hussein, Faculty Alternate
Concordia University Wisconsin
School of Pharmacy
Michael C. Brown, Administrative Delegate
Sarah Ray, Faculty Delegate
Creighton University
School of Pharmacy and Health Professions
J. Chris Bradberry, Administrative Delegate
Paul L. Price, Administrative Alternate
Maryann Z. Skrabal, Faculty Delegate
E. Jeffrey North, Faculty Alternate
D'Youville College
School of Pharmacy
Canio J. Marasco, Administrative Delegate
Christopher J. Jadoch, Administrative Alternate
Amany  Hassan, Faculty Delegate
Timothy Hutcherson, Faculty Alternate
Drake University
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Renae J. Chesnut, Administrative Delegate
Charles R. Phillips, Administrative Alternate
Kelly M. Percival, Faculty Delegate
Duquesne University
School of Pharmacy
J. Douglas Bricker, Administrative Delegate
Bruce H. Livengood, Administrative Alternate
David A. Johnson, Faculty Delegate
East Tennessee State University
Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy
Debbie  C. Byrd, Administrative Delegate
Adam C. Welch, Administrative Alternate
Katelyn M. Alexander, Faculty Delegate
Jessica E. Burchette, Faculty Alternate
Fairleigh Dickinson University
School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Anastasia M. Rivkin, Administrative Delegate
Michael J. Avaltroni, Administrative Alternate
Nina Elk, Faculty Delegate
Ayse E. Ozdener, Faculty Alternate
Ferris State University
College of Pharmacy
Stephen W. Durst, Administrative Delegate
Thomas C. Dowling, Administrative Alternate
Dane L. Shiltz, Faculty Delegate
Lisa M. Meny, Faculty Alternate
Florida A&M University
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Shawn D. Spencer, Administrative Delegate
Michael Thompson, Administrative Alternate
Antonio J. Carrion, Faculty Delegate
Tonya S. Martin, Faculty Alternate
Hampton University
School of Pharmacy
Anand Iyer, Administrative Delegate
Vera C. Campbell, Administrative Alternate
Monzurul A. Roni, Faculty Delegate
Shanea D. Parker, Faculty Alternate
Harding University
College of Pharmacy
Jeffrey B. Mercer, Administrative Delegate
Julie C. Kissack, Administrative Alternate
Kaci A. Bohn, Faculty Delegate
Jim Tarrant, Faculty Alternate
High Point University
Fred Wilson School of Pharmacy
Earle W. Lingle, Administrative Delegate
Mary J. Kennedy, Faculty Delegate
Howard University
College of Pharmacy
Toyin S. Tofade, Administrative Delegate
Muhammad J. Habib, Administrative Alternate
Imbi Drame, Faculty Delegate
Krishna Kumar, Faculty Alternate
Husson University
School of Pharmacy
Conrad Dhing, Administrative Delegate
Rhonda A. Waskiewicz, Administrative Alternate
Jennifer E. Thomas, Faculty Delegate
John A. Scolaro, Faculty Alternate
Idaho State University
College of Pharmacy
Catherine A. Cashmore, Administrative Delegate
Paul S. Cady, Administrative Alternate
Michael Biddle, Faculty Delegate
Rebecca Hoover, Faculty Alternate
Keck Graduate Institute
School of Pharmacy
Kathy D. Webster, Administrative Delegate
Samit Shah, Administrative Alternate
Sally A. Huston, Faculty Delegate
Katerina Venderova, Faculty Alternate
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
LECOM School of Pharmacy
Hershey S. Bell, Administrative Delegate
Nina Pavuluri, Administrative Alternate
Rebecca M. Wise, Faculty Delegate
Larkin University
College of Pharmacy
Gary M. Levin, Administrative Delegate
Nicole A. Lounsbury, Faculty Delegate
Jordan Sedlacek, Faculty Alternate
Lebanese American University
School of Pharmacy
Imad F. Btaiche, Administrative Delegate
Roy Kanbar, Administrative Alternate
Aline Saad, Faculty Delegate
Hanine Mansour, Faculty Alternate
Lipscomb University
College of Pharmacy
Roger L. Davis, Administrative Delegate
John R. Thompson, Administrative Alternate
Joseph E. Deweese, Faculty Delegate
Zachary Cox, Faculty Alternate
Loma Linda University
School of Pharmacy
Noreen H. Chan Tompkins, Administrative Delegate
Nancy E. Kawahara, Administrative Alternate
Kristine Parbuoni, Faculty Delegate
Paul Gavaza, Faculty Alternate
Long Island University
Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Kenza E. Benzeroual, Administrative Delegate
John Pezzuto, Administrative Alternate
Tina Zerilli, Faculty Delegate
Timothy V. Nguyen, Faculty Alternate
Manchester University
College of Pharmacy, Natural and Health Sciences
Walter T. Smith, Administrative Delegate
Joseph K. Bonnarens, Administrative Alternate
Sara N Trovinger, Faculty Delegate
Renee McCafferty, Faculty Alternate
Marshall B. Ketchum University
College of Pharmacy
Monica Trivedi, Administrative Delegate
Edward Fisher, Administrative Alternate
Marshall University
School of Pharmacy
Brian A. Gallagher, Administrative Alternate
Kimberly A. Broedel-Zaugg, Faculty Delegate
M. Omar F. Khan, Faculty Alternate
MCPHS University
School of Pharmacy-Boston
Paul DiFrancesco, Administrative Delegate
Maria D. Kostka-Rokosz, Administrative Alternate
Catherine Taglieri, Faculty Delegate
Timothy Hudd, Faculty Alternate
MCPHS University
School of Pharmacy-Worcester/Manchester
Anna K. Morin, Administrative Delegate
Abir Kanaan, Administrative Alternate
Alok Sharma, Faculty Delegate
Valerie A. Coppenrath, Faculty Alternate
Medical University of South Carolina
College of Pharmacy
Philip D. Hall, Administrative Delegate
Sandra S. Garner, Faculty Delegate
Mercer University
College of Pharmacy
Brian L. Crabtree, Administrative Delegate
Gina J. Ryan, Administrative Alternate
Jennifer L. Knaack, Faculty Delegate
Midwestern University
Chicago College of Pharmacy
Nancy Fjortoft, Administrative Delegate
Jacob P. Gettig, Administrative Alternate
Denise M. Kolanczyk, Faculty Delegate
Kathy Komperda, Faculty Alternate
Midwestern University
College of Pharmacy-Glendale
Mitchell R. Emerson, Administrative Delegate
Shawn Tennant, Administrative Alternate
Mary K. Gurney, Faculty Delegate
Alyssa M Peckham, Faculty Alternate
North Dakota State University
College of Health Professions
Charles D. Peterson, Administrative Delegate
Cynthia A. Naughton, Administrative Alternate
Heidi Eukel, Faculty Delegate
Yagna PR Jarajapu, Faculty Alternate
Northeast Ohio Medical University
College of Pharmacy
Richard J. Kasmer, Administrative Alternate
Mate Soric, Faculty Delegate
Lukas J. Everly, Faculty Alternate
Northeastern University
Bouve College of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy
David P. Zgarrick, Administrative Delegate
Jenny A. Van Amburgh, Administrative Alternate
J. Andrew Skirvin, Faculty Delegate
Carla Bouwmeester, Faculty Alternate
Notre Dame of Maryland University
School of Pharmacy
Anne Y. Lin, Administrative Delegate
Jennifer L. Bailey, Faculty Delegate
Lindsey Crist, Faculty Alternate
Nova Southeastern University
College of Pharmacy
Lisa Deziel, Administrative Delegate
Robert McGory, Administrative Alternate
Kalumi Ayala, Faculty Delegate
Barry A. Bleidt, Faculty Alternate
Ohio Northern University
Raabe College of Pharmacy
Steven J. Martin, Administrative Delegate
Kelly M. Shields, Administrative Alternate
Ben D. Aronson, Faculty Alternate
The Ohio State University
College of Pharmacy
Henry J. Mann, Administrative Delegate
Katherine A. Kelley, Administrative Alternate
Kelli D. Barnes, Faculty Delegate
Laura E. Hall, Faculty Alternate
Oregon State University
College of Pharmacy
Mark Zabriskie, Administrative Delegate
Gary E. DeLander, Administrative Alternate
Natalea A. Suchy, Faculty Delegate
Roberto W. Linares, Faculty Alternate
Pacific University Oregon
School of Pharmacy
Ian C. Doyle, Administrative Delegate
Anita J. Cleven, Administrative Alternate
Sarah J. Faro, Faculty Delegate
Bridget Bradley, Faculty Alternate
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy
Adwoa O. Nornoo, Administrative Delegate
Christopher Elder, Faculty Delegate
Matthew J. DellaVecchia, Faculty Alternate
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
School of Pharmacy
Michael J. Lee, Administrative Delegate
Naushad K. Ghilzai, Administrative Alternate
Sonia A. Thomas, Faculty Delegate
Jiehyun Lee, Faculty Alternate
Presbyterian College
School of Pharmacy
L. Clifton Fuhrman, Administrative Delegate
Julie M. Sease, Administrative Alternate
Nancy Taylor, Faculty Delegate
Purdue University
College of Pharmacy
Eric L. Barker, Administrative Delegate
Holly L. Mason, Administrative Alternate
Yaman Kaakeh, Faculty Delegate
Monica L. Miller, Faculty Alternate
Regis University
School of Pharmacy
Rodney A. Carter, Administrative Delegate
Marianne McCollum, Administrative Alternate
Christopher S. Malarkey, Faculty Delegate
Jeffrey Lalama, Faculty Alternate
Roosevelt University
College of Pharmacy
Melissa Hogan, Administrative Delegate
Allison C. Rose, Administrative Alternate
Abby A. Kahaleh, Faculty Delegate
Bedrija Nikocevic, Faculty Alternate
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
College of Pharmacy
Marc S. Abel, Administrative Delegate
Scott D. Hanes, Administrative Alternate
Jessica Cottreau, Faculty Delegate
Ateequr M. Rahman, Faculty Alternate
Roseman University of Health Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Larry D. Fannin, Administrative Delegate
Erik Jorvig, Administrative Alternate
Dustin T. Grant, Faculty Delegate
Erin L. Johanson, Faculty Alternate
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Donald K. Woodward, Administrative Delegate
Joseph A. Barone, Administrative Alternate
Lucio Volino, Faculty Delegate
Rupal  Mansukhani, Faculty Alternate
Samford University
McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Michael G. Kendrach, Administrative Delegate
Michael A. Crouch, Administrative Alternate
Bernadette D'Souza, Faculty Delegate
Crystal Deas, Faculty Alternate
Shenandoah University
Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy
Timothy Bloom, Administrative Delegate
Robert DiCenzo, Administrative Alternate
Marcia L. Brackbill, Faculty Delegate
Katrina Petrov, Faculty Alternate
South College
School of Pharmacy
Walter L. Fitzgerald, Administrative Delegate
Brian L. Winbigler, Faculty Delegate
Connie F. Rust, Faculty Alternate
South Dakota State University
College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions
Jane R. Mort, Administrative Delegate
Daniel J. Hansen, Administrative Alternate
Joe D. Strain, Faculty Delegate
Hemachand Tummala, Faculty Alternate
South University
School of Pharmacy
Curtis E. Jones, Administrative Alternate
Kenric B. Ware, Faculty Delegate
Adegoke Adeniji, Faculty Alternate
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
School of Pharmacy
Gireesh V. Gupchup, Administrative Delegate
Jing Fan, Administrative Alternate
Kelly N. Gable, Faculty Delegate
Mark S. Luer, Faculty Alternate
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
College of Pharmacy
David A. Ralph, Administrative Delegate
Nancy T. Williams, Administrative Alternate
Tiffany L. Kessler, Faculty Delegate
Hardeep S. Saluja, Faculty Alternate
St. John Fisher College
Wegmans School of Pharmacy
Christine R. Birnie, Administrative Delegate
David J. McCaffrey, Administrative Alternate
Anand Sridhar, Faculty Delegate
Elizabeth Sutton Burke, Faculty Alternate
St. John's University
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Russell DiGate, Administrative Delegate
Joseph M. Brocavich, Administrative Alternate
Olga Hilas, Faculty Delegate
Vibhuti Arya, Faculty Alternate
St. Louis College of Pharmacy
Bruce  Canaday, Administrative Delegate
Brenda L. Gleason, Administrative Alternate
Golden L. Peters, Faculty Delegate
Stephanie Lukas, Faculty Alternate
Sullivan University
College of Pharmacy
Cindy D. Stowe, Administrative Delegate
Misty M. Stutz, Administrative Alternate
Yuan Zhao, Faculty Delegate
Cassandra Hobbs, Faculty Alternate
Temple University
School of Pharmacy
Peter H. Doukas, Administrative Delegate
Ina L. Stile Calligaro, Administrative Alternate
Lawrence P. Carey, Faculty Delegate
Daniel J. Canney, Faculty Alternate
Texas A&M University
Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy
Indra K. Reddy, Administrative Delegate
Asim Abu-Baker, Administrative Alternate
Jeffrey Luke, Faculty Delegate
Merlyn Joseph, Faculty Alternate
Texas Southern University
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Shirlette G. Milton, Administrative Delegate
Aisha M. Moultry, Administrative Alternate
Amruthesh C. Shivachar, Faculty Delegate
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
School of Pharmacy
Quentin R. Smith, Administrative Delegate
Thomas J. Thekkumkara, Administrative Alternate
Craig D. Cox, Faculty Delegate
Monica Mathys, Faculty Alternate
Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson College of Pharmacy
Rebecca S. Finley, Administrative Delegate
Elena M. Umland, Administrative Alternate
Amber King, Faculty Delegate
Andrea S. Joseph, Faculty Alternate
Touro College of Pharmacy-New York
Henry Cohen, Administrative Delegate
Martin E. Brown, Administrative Alternate
Haregewein W. Assefa, Faculty Delegate
Amy Z. Wang, Faculty Alternate
Touro University California
College of Pharmacy
Rae R. Matsumoto, Administrative Delegate
Debra S. Sasaki-Hill, Administrative Alternate
Gordon McCarter, Faculty Delegate
Shadi Doroudgar, Faculty Alternate
Union University
College of Pharmacy
Mark A. Stephens, Administrative Delegate
Sheila Mitchell, Administrative Alternate
Blake Watkins, Faculty Delegate
Kim A. Lindsey-Goodrich, Faculty Alternate
University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
James M. O'Donnell, Administrative Delegate
Karl Fiebelkorn, Administrative Alternate
Nicole Paolini-Albanese, Faculty Delegate
Alfred T. Reiman, Faculty Alternate
The University of Arizona
College of Pharmacy
John E. Murphy, Administrative Delegate
Theodore G. Tong, Administrative Alternate
Sandipan Bhattacharjee, Faculty Delegate
Janet H. Cooley, Faculty Alternate
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Keith M. Olsen, Administrative Delegate
Kathryn K. Neill, Administrative Alternate
Ashley Castleberry, Faculty Delegate
Lindsey E. Dayer, Faculty Alternate
University of California, San Diego
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Brookie M. Best, Administrative Delegate
Rabia Atayee, Administrative Alternate
Shirley M. Tsunoda, Faculty Delegate
Nathan A. Painter, Faculty Alternate
University of California, San Francisco
School of Pharmacy
Mitra Assemi, Administrative Delegate
Sharon L. Youmans, Administrative Alternate
Marcus Ferrone, Faculty Delegate
Valerie B. Clinard, Faculty Alternate
University of Charleston
School of Pharmacy
Michelle R. Easton, Administrative Delegate
Susan M. Gardner, Administrative Alternate
Michelle L. Knight, Faculty Delegate
Ronaldo V. Ramirez, Faculty Alternate
University of Cincinnati
James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
Andrea L. Wall, Administrative Delegate
Bradley E. Hein, Administrative Alternate
Nicholas Messinger, Faculty Delegate
Michael A. Hegener, Faculty Alternate
University of Colorado
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Ralph J. Altiere, Administrative Delegate
David C. Thompson, Administrative Alternate
Wesley A. Nuffer, Faculty Delegate
Jennifer M. Trujillo, Faculty Alternate
University of Connecticut
School of Pharmacy
James R. Halpert, Administrative Delegate
Philip M. Hritcko, Administrative Alternate
Kevin W. Chamberlin, Faculty Delegate
Trinh P. Pham, Faculty Alternate
University of Findlay
College of Pharmacy
Debra L. Parker, Administrative Delegate
Patrick M. Malone, Administrative Alternate
Sharon Ternullo, Faculty Delegate
Paluri Sai Shantanu  Rao, Faculty Alternate
University of Florida
College of Pharmacy
Julie A. Johnson, Administrative Delegate
Shauna M. Buring, Administrative Alternate
Stacey Curtis, Faculty Delegate
William C. Mobley, Faculty Alternate
The University of Georgia
College of Pharmacy
Svein Oie, Administrative Delegate
George E. Francisco, Administrative Alternate
Deborah L. Elder, Faculty Delegate
David L. Deremer, Faculty Alternate
University of Hawaii at Hilo
The Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy
Carolyn SJ Ma, Administrative Delegate
Roy A. Goo, Administrative Alternate
Paula Zeszotarski, Faculty Delegate
Chad K. Kawakami, Faculty Alternate
University of Houston
College of Pharmacy
Franklin L. Pritchard, Administrative Delegate
Andrea L. Smesny, Administrative Alternate
Marc L. Fleming, Faculty Delegate
Katherine M. Smith, Faculty Alternate
University of Illinois at Chicago
College of Pharmacy
Jerry L. Bauman, Administrative Delegate
Marieke D. Schoen, Administrative Alternate
Sheila M. Allen, Faculty Delegate
R. Francis Schlemmer, Faculty Alternate
The University of Iowa
College of Pharmacy
Donald E. Letendre, Administrative Delegate
Bernard A. Sorofman, Administrative Alternate
Jeanine P. Abrons, Faculty Delegate
Stuart K. Pitman, Faculty Alternate
The University of Kansas
School of Pharmacy
Brian J. Barnes, Administrative Delegate
James M. Backes, Administrative Alternate
Kimberly A. Dodson, Faculty Delegate
Jessica Bates, Faculty Alternate
University of Kentucky
College of Pharmacy
R. Kiplin Guy, Administrative Delegate
Frank Romanelli, Administrative Alternate
Esther P. Black, Faculty Delegate
Clark Kebodeaux, Faculty Alternate
The University of Louisiana at Monroe
School of Pharmacy
Glenn Anderson, Administrative Delegate
Michael B. Cockerham, Administrative Alternate
Courtney A. Robertson, Faculty Delegate
University of Maryland
School of Pharmacy
Natalie D. Eddington, Administrative Delegate
Richard N. Dalby, Administrative Alternate
Kathleen J. Pincus, Faculty Delegate
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
School of Pharmacy
Rondall E. Allen, Administrative Delegate
Lana Sherr, Administrative Alternate
Yen H. Dang, Faculty Delegate
University of Michigan
College of Pharmacy
James T. Dalton, Administrative Delegate
Nancy A. Mason, Administrative Alternate
Burgunda V. Sweet, Faculty Delegate
Kristin C. Klein, Faculty Alternate
University of Minnesota
College of Pharmacy
Marilyn K. Speedie, Administrative Delegate
Caroline A. Gaither, Administrative Alternate
Oscar W. Garza, Faculty Delegate
Robert A. Fecik, Faculty Alternate
The University of Mississippi
School of Pharmacy
David D. Allen, Administrative Delegate
David F. Gregory, Administrative Alternate
Robert J. Doerksen, Faculty Delegate
Jamie L. Wagner, Faculty Alternate
University of Missouri-Kansas City
School of Pharmacy
Russell B. Melchert, Administrative Delegate
Patricia A. Marken, Administrative Alternate
Thomas P. Johnston, Faculty Delegate
Tatum N. Mead, Faculty Alternate
University of Montana
Skaggs School of Pharmacy
Howard D. Beall, Administrative Delegate
Reed Humphrey, Administrative Alternate
Donna G. Beall, Faculty Delegate
Sherrill J. Brown, Faculty Alternate
University of Nebraska Medical Center
College of Pharmacy
Courtney V. Fletcher, Administrative Delegate
Gary C. Yee, Administrative Alternate
Kristen M. Cook, Faculty Delegate
Aaron Mohs, Faculty Alternate
University of New England
College of Pharmacy
Wallace  Marsh, Administrative Delegate
Jean M. Woodward, Administrative Alternate
Emily K. Dornblaser, Faculty Delegate
Rachel Naida, Faculty Alternate
The University of New Mexico
College of Pharmacy
Donald A. Godwin, Administrative Delegate
Tracy S. Hunter, Administrative Alternate
James J. Nawarskas, Faculty Delegate
Kristina M. Wittstrom, Faculty Alternate
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Dhiren R. Thakker, Administrative Delegate
Wendy C. Cox, Administrative Alternate
Robert P. Shrewsbury, Faculty Delegate
Adam M. Persky, Faculty Alternate
University of North Texas System
College of Pharmacy
Charles T. Taylor, Administrative Delegate
Tina K. Machu, Administrative Alternate
Scott R. Penzak, Faculty Delegate
The University of Oklahoma
College of Pharmacy
JoLaine R. Draugalis, Administrative Delegate
Michael J. Smith, Administrative Alternate
Peter N. Johnson, Faculty Delegate
Katherine O'Neal, Faculty Alternate
University of Pittsburgh
School of Pharmacy
Samuel M. Poloyac, Administrative Delegate
Susan M. Meyer, Administrative Alternate
Lauren J. Jonkman, Faculty Delegate
Kristine S. Schonder, Faculty Alternate
University of Puerto Rico
School of Pharmacy
Wanda T. Maldonado, Administrative Delegate
Edna N. Almodovar, Administrative Alternate
Iadelisse Cruz-Gonzalez, Faculty Delegate
Sacha Rivera-Sarate, Faculty Alternate
The University of Rhode Island
College of Pharmacy
E. Paul Larrat, Administrative Delegate
Norma J. Owens, Administrative Alternate
Abraham Kovoor, Faculty Delegate
Michelle L. Caetano, Faculty Alternate
University of Saint Joseph
School of Pharmacy
Joseph R. Ofosu, Administrative Delegate
James G. Henkel, Administrative Alternate
Ola A. Ghoneim, Faculty Delegate
Jennifer Podoloff, Faculty Alternate
University of South Carolina
College of Pharmacy
Wayne E. Buff, Administrative Alternate
Michael D. Wyatt, Faculty Delegate
University of South Florida
College of Pharmacy
Kevin B. Sneed, Administrative Delegate
Heather MW Petrelli, Administrative Alternate
Melissa Ruble, Faculty Delegate
Jose L. Barboza, Faculty Alternate
University of Southern California
School of Pharmacy
Vassilios Papadopoulos, Administrative Delegate
Glen L. Stimmel, Administrative Alternate
Melissa Durham, Faculty Delegate
Rory O'Callaghan Kim, Faculty Alternate
The University of Tennessee
College of Pharmacy
Marie A. Chisholm-Burns, Administrative Delegate
Tracy M. Hagemann, Administrative Alternate
Leslie A. Hamilton, Faculty Delegate
Sharon McDonough, Faculty Alternate
The University of Texas at Austin
College of Pharmacy
M. Lynn Crismon, Administrative Delegate
Patrick  J. Davis, Administrative Alternate
James N. Barnes, Faculty Delegate
William J. McIntyre, Faculty Alternate
The University of Texas at El Paso
School of Pharmacy
Jose O. Rivera, Administrative Delegate
The University of Texas at Tyler
Ben and Maytee Fisch College of Pharmacy
Lane J. Brunner, Administrative Delegate
Fadi M. Alkhateeb, Administrative Alternate
University of the Incarnate Word
Feik School of Pharmacy
David F. Maize, Administrative Delegate
Russell T. Attridge, Administrative Alternate
Elizabeth M. Urteaga, Faculty Delegate
Bethany Kalich, Faculty Alternate
University of the Pacific
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Eric G. Boyce, Administrative Delegate
Phillip R. Oppenheimer, Administrative Alternate
Jenana H. Maker, Faculty Delegate
University of the Sciences
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Patricia R. Audet, Administrative Delegate
Laura A. Mandos, Administrative Alternate
Laura H. Waite, Faculty Delegate
Karleen Melody, Faculty Alternate
The University of Toledo
College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Johnnie L. Early, Administrative Delegate
Laurie S. Mauro, Administrative Alternate
Frank S. Hall, Faculty Delegate
Michael J. Peeters, Faculty Alternate
The University of Utah
College of Pharmacy
Krystal Moorman, Administrative Delegate
James N. Herron, Administrative Alternate
James Ruble, Faculty Delegate
University of Washington
School of Pharmacy
Sean D. Sullivan, Administrative Delegate
Stanley S. Weber, Administrative Alternate
Rheem A. Totah, Faculty Delegate
Rodney J. Ho, Faculty Alternate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
School of Pharmacy
Steven M. Swanson, Administrative Delegate
Melgardt M. de Villiers, Administrative Alternate
Andrea L. Porter, Faculty Delegate
Beth A. Martin, Faculty Alternate
University of Wyoming
School of Pharmacy
Kem P. Krueger, Administrative Delegate
Tonja M. Woods, Administrative Alternate
Jaime R. Hornecker, Faculty Delegate
Lanae L. Fox, Faculty Alternate
Virginia Commonwealth University
School of Pharmacy
Joseph T. DiPiro, Administrative Delegate
Cynthia K. Kirkwood, Administrative Alternate
Krista L. Donohoe, Faculty Delegate
Benjamin W. Van Tassell, Faculty Alternate
Washington State University
College of Pharmacy
Gary M. Pollack, Administrative Delegate
Brenda S. Bray, Administrative Alternate
Julie Akers, Faculty Delegate
Lisa J. Woodard, Faculty Alternate
Wayne State University
Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
George B. Corcoran, Administrative Alternate
Mary Beth O'Connell, Faculty Delegate
Christopher A. Giuliano, Faculty Alternate
West Coast University
School of Pharmacy
Reza Taheri, Administrative Delegate
Mohammed A. Islam, Administrative Alternate
Ettie Rosenberg, Faculty Delegate
Mark Sherman, Faculty Alternate
West Virginia University
School of Pharmacy
William P Petros, Administrative Delegate
Mary K. Stamatakis, Administrative Alternate
Douglas Slain, Faculty Delegate
Marina Galvez Peralta, Faculty Alternate
Western New England University
College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Matthew R. Dintzner, Administrative Delegate
Beth E. Welch, Administrative Alternate
David M. Baker, Faculty Delegate
Natalia Shcherbakova, Faculty Alternate
Western University of Health Sciences
College of Pharmacy
Daniel C. Robinson, Administrative Delegate
Sunil Prabhu, Administrative Alternate
Anne Kugler, Faculty Delegate
Maria P. Lambros, Faculty Alternate
Wilkes University
Nesbitt School of Pharmacy
Scott K. Stolte, Administrative Delegate
Julie Olenak, Administrative Alternate
Ajay K. Bommareddy, Faculty Delegate
Edward F. Foote, Faculty Alternate
Wingate University
School of Pharmacy
Michael W. Neville, Administrative Delegate
Kurt A. Wargo, Administrative Alternate
J. Andrew Woods, Faculty Delegate
Dawn M. Battise, Faculty Alternate
Xavier University of Louisiana
College of Pharmacy
Kathleen B. Kennedy, Administrative Delegate
Kristi I. Rapp, Administrative Alternate
Christopher J. Gillard, Faculty Delegate
Ashley M. Taylor, Faculty Alternate

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