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Graduate Education Meeting Agendas and Minutes
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Graduate Education Meeting Agendas and Minutes 

2016 AACP Annual Meeting Materials 

2016 Business Meeting Minutes


2015 AACP Annual Meeting Materials

2015 Business Meeting Minutes

2013 AACP Annual Meeting Materials

2013 Business Meeting Minutes

2012 AACP Annual Meeting Materials

2012 Business Meeting Minutes 

2012 Planning Committee Report - At the Annual Meeting, the Planning Committee presented a white paper draft titled, "The Future of the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Graduate Education." Driven by changes in academic research and industry, the SIG is evaluating ways the Academy can assist our students to better prepare for the future. The Committee is soliciting your input, which you may do by contacting Susanna Wu-Pong Immediate Past Chair.

2011 AACP Annual Meeting Materials 

The inaugural Graduate Education SIG Session titled: "The History of Graduate Pharmacy Education: Past, Present and Future" was held at the 2011 Annual Meeting. Under the direction of Susanna Wu-Pong, Founding Chair, Graduate Education SIG, speakers from academia and industry addressed where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going with graduate pharmacy education, so that we can better meet current and future challenges.

The program was outlined as follows:

2011 Business Meeting Minutes

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