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2011 AACP Interim Meeting 

Transformational Leadership: Deans and Chairs As Agents of Change
February 26-March 2, 2011
Savannah, Ga. 

The primary purpose of U.S. colleges and schools of pharmacy is to lead the world in creating the agents of change that will move pharmacy practice and healthcare forward. In order to achieve this goal, in an ever-changing world, and in order to recruit and retain a high level of qualified faculty, we must continue to develop innovative ways to help our talented academic leaders expand and mature their cadré of skills.

The 2011 AACP Interim Meeting in Savannah, Ga. aims to provide attendees with opportunities to expand and sharpen their leadership skills. The net result is innovation in leadership that strengthens the Academy as a whole and ensures that the next generation of pharmacists and pharmacy educators will be ready to break through more barriers and move healthcare into the future.

This year’s Interim Meeting will provide opportunities for our pharmacy educators to learn the best in recruitment strategies to attract the very best in faculty. It will delve into the world of faculty advising, coaching and development, conflict management and resolution, as well as provide attendees with creative ways to achieve the work-life balance that is so necessary to ensure that academic leaders do not become fatigued. The dual track session for department chairs and deans is specifically designed to foster a greater opportunity for collaboration and an open environment for idea creation in transformational leadership.

The 2011 AACP Interim Meeting will expand the Academy’s vision of the roles of its top leaders and help broaden their views of leadership.

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