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Message From the President and the CEO 

Brian L. Crabtree, Pharm.D.
President, AACP
Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Thelma H. Cerniglia Distinguished Teaching Scholar
The University of Mississippi

Lucinda L. Maine, Ph.D., R.Ph.
Executive Vice President and CEO, AACP



Achieving Excellence and Relevance

Excellence and relevance are attributes not to be tossed around lightly. We chose these words carefully when crafting an overarching goal for AACP’s work in 2011-12. The theme Excellence and Relevance framed the Association’s strategic thrust during the past year. We’re now proud to report key accomplishments that meet the high standards communicated by this theme.

AACP is fairly unique among associations of schools of health professions in that we have both institutional and individual members. In contrast, many of our counterparts are associations of institutions only; the staff work largely, although not exclusively, with deans and other administrators. AACP’s reach to individuals across the broad range of disciplinesadministrators, faculty and professional staffenriches our work and provides many opportunities to introduce or strengthen academic excellence in pharmacy education.

Signature among these opportunities during the past year was the full introduction of the Assessment and Accreditation Management System (AAMS). This joint project with the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education made it easier for pharmacy schools to document important metrics of quality. Thirteen institutions submitted self-study reports using AAMS and shared feedback confirming that AAMS simplifies management of the critical quality-assurance process. As our users group, advisory committee and joint staff workgroup embark on AAMS enhancements during the coming year, they will welcome input on how to continuously improve the system.

Helping faculty thrive in an increasingly diverse environment was another signature deliverable for 2011-12. Extending the work of the 2011 AACP Institute, Cultural Competency: Beyond Race and Gender, the Association established a Special Interest Group (SIG) to fortify the important network of diverse individuals.

One of the top priorities this year was embedded in the work of the Academic Affairs Standing Committee, which was asked to provide guidance on the best methods for evidence-based assessment of scholarly teaching. It is vital that we measure and reward our best teachers for the quality of their work. The committee provided the Academy with exceptional guidance in this regard.

The relevance component of AACP’s theme is most germane to individual members, whether scientists, practitioner educators, administrators or professional staff. A member needs analysis was completed this year, and the results will inform our work for years to come, ensuring that Association services remain closely aligned with your needs. Our vendor was amazed at the level of member engagement as expressed in answers to questions and in the overall response rate. Thank you all for providing such guidance to translate into stronger programs in mentoring, faculty development and other areas.

We also applied energy to leadership development, expanding programming and adding another SIG. Additional accomplishments include extending our reach in global pharmacy education and providing substantial leadership to advance interprofessional education and team-based care. At the same time, our new Chief Science Officer established a solid foundation and strengthened relations with funding agencies, positioning AACP and its members for future success in research and other scholarly activities.

In keeping with our commitment to move AACP communications into the digital arena, we transitioned the annual report to an electronic publication. This will allow us to extend its reach to an even broader array of audiences while doing our part to decrease AACP’s carbon footprint. We welcome your thoughts on this and any aspect of our performance and hope you find this story of excellence highly relevant to your professional lives.

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