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Summary of Institutional Finances 

The Financial Survey is administered to all colleges/schools of pharmacy in December. It collects monetary figures related to school expenditures, revenues, and funding for research and training. The current version of the survey was launched in December 2012 and contains a key questions section that rotates annually.  A copy of the survey instrument, as well as national data reports for each fiscal year can be found below. 

The national data reports contain participating institutions with enrollments in all four professional years (three years for accelerated programs).  Reports that are inclusive of all participating institutions, including newer programs that are not yet at full enrollment, are available for download within the AACP survey system for authorized users at participating institutions.

2012-13 Fiscal Year

Financial Survey FAQs

Institutional Research Brief No. 15 - Financial Survey - Fiscal Year 2012-13
This brief provides a summary of key findings from the survey.

Copy of the Financial Survey
Financial Survey Instructions
2012-13 Summary of All Schools
2012-13 Summary of Private Schools
2013-13 Summary of Public Schools

2011-12 Fiscal Year

Copy of the Financial Survey
Financial Survey Instructions
2011-12 Summary of All Schools
2011-12 Summary of Private Schools
2011-12 Summary of Public Schools

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