AACP Member Advocacy Case Studies

AACP Member Advocacy: Teaching
AACP Member Advocacy: Research
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AACP Member Advocacy Case Studies
Influence Local Health Insurance Benefit Design
Establishing an Advocacy Net
Integration in Tobacco Cessation Clinics for Public Health
Perceptions on Pharmacist-Provided Clinical Services
Political Advocacy Course Impact
Student Pharmacist Opportunities on the Hill
Expanding Pharmacist Role in Patient-Centered Medical Home
Combatting Drug Costs
Script Your Future
Affordable Care Act Implementation
AACP Member 12 Steps to Active Advocacy
AACP Member Advocacy: Campus Site Visits

AACP Member Advocacy Case Studies 

These case studies form the basis of a resource for AACP members interested in undertaking similar advocacy activities or benefitting from the insight and approaches described in each of these cases in the development of new activities.

AACP members are encouraged to provide their own case studies so that others can appreciate the breadth of the academy’s advocacy as well as learn from them how they might become active advocates.

2014 Case Studies

Therapeutic Substitution in Arkansas, Harding University College of Pharmacy

2012 Case Studies

Opportunity for Faculty to Influence Local Health Insurance Benefit Design, University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy

Strength through Collaboration: Establishing an Advocacy Net Linking Student Pharmacy Organizations and State and National Pharmacy Organizations, University of Rhode Island School of Pharmacy

Integration of a Pharmacist into Tobacco Cessation Clinics at a Public Health District, University of Southern Nevada

Perceived Usefulness and Comfort Level of Local Primary Care Physicians in Referring Patients for Pharmacist-Provided Clinical Services Compared to Patients’ Perceived Monetary Value of Pharmacist-Provided Clinical Services, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

The Impact of a Political Advocacy Course on Student Pharmacists’ Level of Advocacy, University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences

Integration of Student Pharmacists into the Office of a U.S. Senator, Touro College-New York

Expanding the Role of the Pharmacist in the Patient-centered Medical Home, University of Washington


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