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Script Your Future
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Script Your Future 

About the Script Your Future Campaign

Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans don’t take their medications as directed, resulting in serious health consequences. Many factors contribute to non-adherence, but the effect is always the same – patients are putting their health and their future at risk. That is why this May the National Consumers League launched Script Your Future.

Script Your Future is a national campaign to raise awareness about medication adherence. In partnership with nearly 100 public and private stakeholder organizations, the campaign offers adherence resources to help patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them. Script Your Future aims to increase awareness about medication adherence and encourage consumers to take action and improve their mediation adherence behavior through safe and appropriate use. For more information on the campaign, visit

The Script Your Future Medication Adherence Team Challenge

As highly-trusted, highly-accessible healthcare professionals, pharmacists and student pharmacists are in a critical position to help patients understand the vital role medications plays in managing a chronic condition such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, hypertension and high cholesterol. And it all starts with a conversation. Student pharmacists – on rotation or in the classroom – are on the frontlines of consumer interaction on the safe and appropriate use of medications.

Over 80 schools of pharmacy participated as Script Your Future leads for the October 2011 Challenge. Together, teams hosted health fairs, chronic disease education, medication management counseling, and even assembled creative flash mobs and videos to help share the message with their community.

The Script Your Future Medication Adherence Team Challenge has grown this year to include a partnership with the American Medical Association. The Challenge will be held in February 2013 in a national effort to engage colleges and schools of pharmacy with their health professions colleagues in a series of activities to raise visibility for the Script Your Future campaign and the staggering public health issue of poor medication adherence. Colleges and schools are encouraged to partner with medical schools and other schools of the health professions as well as pharmacy practice settings and community organizations to implement their activities to raise awareness of medication adherence and help their community's patients and caregivers develop a customized medication adherence plan that matches to their lifestyle and health needs.

Joining the Script Your Future Medication Adherence Team Challenge

To join the Challenge in February 2013, Schools of Pharmacy are asked to submit a Letter of Intent by November 5, 2013. An overview of the 2013 Challenge, recordings of the informational calls, and a Frequently Asked Questions document are available on the Team Challenge Community. A sample Letter of Intent is available on the Team Challenge Community and completed letters should be emailed to Whitney Zatzkin.

For more information about Script Your Future or the Medication Adherence Team Challenge, please contact Will Lang.

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