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AACP Issue Briefs 

The creation of issue-specific workgroups has been proposed as a strategy to improve AACP’s capacity  to proactively engage in public policy development and implementation. The expertise of each workgroup will assist AACP in the development of strategies to enhance communications to and from AACP members on priority issues. The list of priority issues will be established annually through AACP leaders and staff input and in alignment with the AACP policy framework. The rationale for such action is to:

  1. ensure that AACP advocacy is aligned with organizational priorities;
  2. engage more AACP members in the identification and articulation of AACP public policy positions;
  3. increase AACP member awareness of AACP organizational activity related to public policy development and implementation; and
  4. provide AACP members and staff with evidence-based policy/issue briefs to support effective organizational, institutional, professional, and individual advocacy.

Last updated on: 10/14/2015 9:35 PM 

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