2017 AACP New Investigator Award Recipients and Titles

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2017 AACP New Investigator Award Recipients and Titles
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2017 AACP New Investigator Award Recipients and Titles 

Adegoke O. Adeniji, South University, Elucidating and Targeting Mechanism of Enzalutamide Resistance in Prostate Cancer

Hibah O. Awwad, The University of Oklahoma, Histamine Release in Traumatic Brain Injury: Neurotoxic or Neuroprotective? 

Antonio A. Bush, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Exploring the Experiences and Agential Behaviors of URM Pharmacy Students

Janet H. Cooley, The University of Arizona, Creation and Assessment of an Interprofessional Activity Using ThinkShare

Ashley Crowl, The University of Kansas, Best Practices for Assessment of Interprofessional Team-Ready Behaviors on APPEs

Melanie A. Felmlee, University of the Pacific, Maturation and Spatial Expression of Intestinal MCT1 in Obesity

Raphael M. Franzini, The University of Utah, Targeting Sirtuin7 in BRCA-Deficient Breast and Ovarian Cancers

Kathleen M. Frey, Long Island University, Prospective Evaluation of Preclinical Anti-HIV Agents for Mutational Resistance

Rebecca M. Hoover, Idaho State University, Drug Information Education for Students in Non-Pharmacy, Non-Prescribing Health Professions

Adriane N. Irwin, Oregon State University, Exploring Patient Perceptions of Pain Contracts and the Role of the Pharmacist

Jennifer T. Lamberts, Ferris State University, Neuronal Injury and Parkinson's Disease: Role of Purinergic Signaling

Devika S. Manickam, Duquesne University, DNA Nanoparticles for Ischemic Stroke Therapy

Matthew D. Metcalf, MCPHS University-Worcester/Manchester, Analgesia with Reduced Side Effects from Dual FAAH Inhibitor-Analgesic Ligands

Pramit A. Nadpara, Virginia Commonwealth University, Duration of First-Line Chemotherapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Survival among the Elderly

Ajay Sharma, Chapman University, Ocular Mucins as Viable Pharmacological Target for the Management of Dry Eye

Ami M. Vyas, The University of Rhode Island, Trajectories of Psychotropic Polypharmacy among Cancer Patients

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