2014 AACP New Investigator Award Recipients, Titles and Abstracts

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2014 AACP New Investigator Award Recipients, Titles and Abstracts
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2014 AACP New Investigator Award Recipients, Titles and Abstracts 

Jessica L. Adams, University of the Sciences, HIV Associated Neurocognitive Disorders in Patients on Atazanavir versus Darunavir

Travis E. Brown, University of Wyoming, The Role of Cathepsin K in Mediating Hippocampal Synaptic Plasticity and Memory

Andrew S. Bzowyckyj, University of Missouri-Kansas City, NPH Insulin for Prednisone-Induced Hyperglycemia

Joseph E. Deweese, Lipscomb University, Examination of the Topoisomerase II Covalent Poisoning Mechanism of Etoposide Quinone

Tracy R. Frame, Cedarville University, Impact of Using Team-Based Learning in Patient Education on Diabetes Outcomes

Kimberly B. Garza, Auburn University, Effectiveness of Different Financial Incentives to Improve Medication Adherence

Oscar W. Garza, University of Minnesota, Development of a Community Pharmacy Social Capital Assessment Tool

Klarissa D. Hardy, Lipscomb University, Molecular Mechanisms of Drug-Induced Liver Injury by Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors

Kirk E. Hevener, Idaho State University, Enoyl-ACP Reductase II (FabK), a Selective Antibacterial Target for C. difficile

Patrice L. Jackson-Ayotunde, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Enaminones as Potential Agents for Partial Epilepsy

Hyun Jin (Sean) Kim, University of Pittsburgh, Quantitative Mechanistic Modeling of Drug Disposition with Variable Interactions

Feng Li, Hampton University, Thermosensitive Hybrid Hydrogel for Delivery of Anti-Cariogenic Agents

Terry W. Moore, University of Illinois at Chicago, "Tucked" Stapled Peptides for the Estrogen Receptor/Coactivator Interaction

Scott W. Mueller, University of Colorado, Assessment of 23-Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine Response in Critically-Ill Burn Patients

Isaac T. Schiefer, The University of Toledo, Development of NO Mimetic Furoxans as Novel Agents for Alzheimer's Disease Therapy

Vanessa Stevens, The University of Utah, Outcomes of Treatment for Clostridium difficile Infection among Pediatric Patients

Andrew J. Wiemer, University of Connecticut, Development of Isoform-Specific Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for T Cell Leukemia

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