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Academic Affairs Committee 

The 2016-17 Academic Affairs Committee will:

  • Compile comments and input from a broad range of stakeholders regarding the draft Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) from the 2015-2016 Committee (including comments from District meetings) and complete final edits to the document. The document should be submitted for the November Board of Directors meeting.
  • Develop potential uses and applications of EPA statements in pharmacy education (eg, how to apply EPAs statements to 4 core required APPEs, academic practice partnerships, Continuous Professional Development, personalized learning).
  • Create a roadmap for implementation of EPAs across the member schools and colleges. Include in the plan a path to inform internal and external stakeholders regarding the EPAs and educational opportunities that are presented. Identify In components of the plan that could be implemented starting fall 2016.
Amy L. Pittenger (University of Minnesota) Chair
Cecilia Plaza (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
Debra A. Copeland (Northeastern University) Member
Matthew M. Lacroix (The University of Rhode Island) Member
Quamrun Masuda (Virginia Commonwealth University) Member
Peter Mbi Member
Melissa S. Medina (The University of Oklahoma) Member
Susan M. Miller Member
Scott K. Stolte (Wilkes University) Member

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