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PCAT Advisory Committee 

The PCAT Advisory Committee should counsel the Association and The Pearson Corporation in the development, administration and promotion of the Pharmacy College Admissions Test. The Panel will assist in the enhancement of the standardized test so institutions may better use it as an effective to tool to predict the academic success of pharmacy applicants.

Paul W. Jungnickel (Auburn University) Chair
Alexandria D. Aljets Member
Donna G. Beall (The University of Montana) Member
Kathleen H. Besinque (Loma Linda University) Member
Andrew S. Bzowyckyj (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Member
Wendy C. Cox (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) Member
Renee M. DeHart (Samford University) Member
Mary L. Euler (West Virginia University) Member
Rodney A. Larson (Husson University) Member
Ann M. Philbrick (University of Minnesota) Member
Theodore G. Tong (The University of Arizona) Member
Rebecca M. Widder (Cedarville University) Member
Jennifer Adams (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison

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