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Chemistry Section 


David A. Colby (The University of Mississippi) Chair
John M. Rimoldi (The University of Mississippi) Chair-elect
James J. Knittel (Western New England University) Immediate Past Chair
Srikanth Kolluru (KGI School of Pharmacy) Secretary

Mission Statement

The Section of Teachers of Chemistry exists to represent pharmacy educators in the development and implementation of programs and policies which facilitate the provision of a sound chemical foundation in professional and graduate curricula. Effective communication networks within the section, as well as between sections, are the basis for free exchange of information on teaching and research activities, and provide a forum for the establishment of collaborative professional relationships. The section has established the following primary goals:

  • Facilitate the integration/coordination within pharmacy curricula to ensure the application of medicinal chemistry principles for the optimal delivery of patient-centered care.   
  • Provide leadership and advocacy to advance medicinal chemistry as a foundational discipline required for a comprehensive understanding of drug design and discovery and the chemical basis of drug action and disposition. 
  • Prepare students as lifelong learners and critical thinkers. Encourage the pursuit of postgraduate education in medicinal chemistry and in other areas of the pharmaceutical sciences. 
  • Provide mentorship that promotes the academic/intellectual development of the next generation of healthcare professionals and research scientists.
  • Facilitate effective exchange of information on teaching and research activities within and between sections for the establishment of collaborative professional relationships.
  • Establish effective communication networks within the Chemistry Section and between academic sections of AACP. 
  • Develop, distribute and facilitate the implementation of contemporary chemistry-related competencies (educational outcomes) that are expected of all graduates of colleges or schools of pharmacy. 
  • Encourage SOPs to include extensive knowledge of medicinal and biological chemistry in all curricula so that pharmacists will be recognized as experts in drug action, drug stability and product formulation.
  • Encourage excellence in teaching chemistry as well as excellence in research/scholarship.  
  • Promote the enrollment of pharmacy-educated students in graduate programs in pharmaceutical sciences.

The Section of Teachers of Chemistry is among the smaller academic sections of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. There are pharmacy faculty classified as medicinal, pharmaceutical or natural products chemists who are not currently members of the Association. The section needs the support of as many chemistry faculty as possible to most efficiently accomplish the goals outlined in the Strategic Plan, and to have maximum impact on Association programs, policies and activities.

 Chemistry Section Documents

2012 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes2012 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes.pdf
2009 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes2009 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes.pdf
2008 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes2008 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes.pdf
2007 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes2007 AM Chemistry Meeting Minutes.pdf
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