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Experiential Education Section 

Jennifer Danielson (University of Washington) Chair
Wesley A. Nuffer (University of Colorado ) Chair-elect
Lynn Stevenson (Auburn University) Immediate Past Chair
Sheila M. Allen (University of Illinois at Chicago) Secretary

Mission Statement

The mission of the Experiential Education Section is to promote excellence in experiential education. In support of the mission, the objectives of the Experiential Education Section are to:

  • Develop, maintain and support a network of Academy members who are involved with, or interested in, professional experience programs.
  • Identify opportunities, issues and concerns relating to the development, administration and evaluation of high quality professional practice experiences for students.
  • Disseminate best practices in experiential education by encouraging scholarship.
  • Foster innovation in professional experience programs to prepare competent pharmacy practitioners.
  • Provide opportunities for leadership and professional development for members.
  • Advocate for members.

Standing Rules of Procedure

Strategic Plan 

 Experiential Education Documents

Coodinated Preceptor DevelopmentCoodinated Preceptor Development.pdf

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 Past Webinars

Experiential Education Webinar 6 - Interprofessional Education in Experiential Education
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Experiential Education Webinar 5 - Program Effectiveness: How to know if you have a successful Experiential Education Office
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Experiential Education Webinar 4 - Coordinated Preceptor Development in Colorado in a Non-consortium model
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Experiential Education Webinar 3 - Remediation in Experiential Education for Professionalism and Behavioral Issues
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Experiential Education Webinar 2 - Assessing Members' Needs: Preparation for the AACP Annual Meeting
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Experiential Education Webinar 1 - Ongoing Preceptor Development and Assessment
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