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Social and Administrative Sciences Special Projects and Information

Social and Administrative Sciences Special Projects and Information 

Social and Administrative Sciences Teaching Handbook

I. Introduction

A. Resource List for Social and Administrative Sciences

II. Outcomes and Course Content

A. CAPE 2004

1. CAPE 2007 supplement for Social and Administrative Sciences
2. Other CAPE 2007 supplements

B. ACPE Appendix B (in the standards for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program)

C. Activities-Based Outcomes (ABOs) and Others (submitted by curriculum committees and colleagues)

III. Syllabi

A. Purpose of course and learning objectives

B. How the course ties to CAPE or ABOs of institution

C. Topics and schedule

D. Grading system and weights of different activities

IV. Assessment

A. Active learning strategies

B. Assignments including grading rubrics

1. In class
2. Projects

C. Examination Types

1. Exam Pearls
2. Links to

a. National Board of Medical Examiners Item Writing Guide
b. Others as identified

D.  Evaluations

1. Examples of teaching evaluation formats

a. Student

b. Peer



a. Types of comments (both positive and negative)

b. How to address each of these types

V. Classroom Challenges

            A. Pearls

            B. SAdS Blog

VI. Links to Other Resources

   A. Useful Blog on Outcomes Research (University of Kentucky)

   B. National Board of Medical Examiners Item Writing Guide

Provided Syllabi


Doctor of Pharmacy


Doctor of Pharmacy

Law and ethics

Doctor of Pharmacy

Marketing, Management, Finance, Quality Assurance

Doctor of Pharmacy

  1. PHARM 417
  2. PHARM 598
  3. Pharmacy Administration I
  4. Pharmacy Administration II
  5. Pharmacy Administration III
  6. Pharmacy Administration IV
  7. Quality Assurance and Effective Pharmacy Practice Syllabus


Policy, Public Health, Health Systems, Economics and Outcomes

Doctor of Pharmacy

  1. PHCY 431
  2. PHR 950
  3. PHCY 6343
  4. PHPR 5643
  5. PHPR 560


Research design and statistics; drug literature evaluation

Doctor of Pharmacy

  1. PHCY 6250


Social and behavioral sciences

Doctor of Pharmacy

  1. DUP Syllabus 2010


  1. DPOP 803

Appendix A: 2005-06 Handbook for Teaching

The "Contemporary AACP SAS Handbook for Teaching: A Syllabus Repository"

The 2005-06 SAS Curriculum Committee continues the task of updating the Teaching Handbook. The Contemporary Handbook for Teaching consists of course syllabi arranged by SAS content areas. These syllabi are intended to serve as potential reference sources for instructors developing new courses or modifying existing courses. Through the use of the syllabi, instructors may identify alternative textbooks or recommended readings, suggested topics for coverage, and even some potentially innovative teaching strategies. We have made no attempt to edit files or their content, although some files may have been renamed, nor have we reviewed or selected which syllabi to include. Each syllabus is available as a PDF file created directly from the file submitted.

As most SAS members realize, our content areas may be overlapping, and specific courses may cover a variety of SAS content areas. While we attempted to sort syllabi into the most pertinent content area, you may find additional coverage of topics in a different folder.

NOTE: If you are interested in contributing a syllabus to the Contemporary Handbook, please contact Nathaniel Rickles at:

Use the "Contents Directory of Syllabi" to locate a syllabi that interests you. For example, if you want to find a course that is taught at the University of Washington, you can look at the far right column, locate the school's name and find the corresponding courses. Then, once you've found the course you're interested in, look at the far left column and locate the category in which the course is. Then open the corresponding folder on this Web page.

Contents Directory of Syllabi

Introduction/Overview Courses

Leadership 2006
Intro to Pharmacy
Implementing Pharmaceutical Care
Pharmacy Care Systems


Communication 2006
Communications Lab 2006
Communication 2004
Patient/Professional Interactions

Health Behavior

Behavioral & Ethics 2005
Health Behaviors 2006
Social Behaviorial Aspects 2003


Marketing and Economic Aspects


Ethics 2006
Behavioral & Ethics 2005
Law & Ethics 2006
Law & Ethics_2004
Ethics in Health Care


Economics Management 2006
Pharmacoeconomics 2004
Pharmacoeconomics and Policy 2006
Insurance and Reimbursement
Health Care Economics
Applied Pharmacoeconomics
Marketing and Economic Aspects
Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research


Social and Behavioral Aspects of Pharmacy Practice

Public Health

Public Health 2005
Public Health1
Public Health2

Health Care System

Health Systems 2005
Health Care Systems2
Organizational and Societal Issues within the Health Care System
Pharmacy in the Health Care System
American Health Care Systems
Health Care Systems
Pharmacists and Pharmacy in the Health Care System



Law1 2006
Law2 2006
Law3 2006
Law & Ethics 2006
Law & Ethics 2004
Special Topics in Pharmacy Law

Drug Literature

Drug Literature 2004
Drug Literature 2005

Research Methods and Statistics

Quantitative Methods 2005
Epidemiology 2003
Statistics 2005
Pharmacoepidemiology 2005
Drug Literature Evaluation
Research Methods

Health Care Policy

Policy 2006


Management 2005
Management II 2005
Med Mgmt in Schools 2006
Management III 2006
Management I 2006
Management II 2006
Management Web 2006
Management IV 2006
Pharm Benefits Mgmt 2006
Appendices for Pharm Benefits 2006
Management II 2004
Management I 2004
Principles of Pharmacy Practice Management
Professional Practice Management
Community Pharmacy Management
Pharmacy Practice Management
Pharmacy Practice Management2
Fiscal Management

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