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Call For Public Health SIG Nominations 

Call for Nominations: Deadline Extended to Friday, April 15, 2011.

The Nominations Committee of the AACP Public Health SIG is seeking nominations, including self-nominations, for the positions of chair-elect and secretary of the Public Health SIG. Candidates should be willing to serve terms for two years. The SIG officer election will be held in April/May 2011 and new officers will be installed at the Public Health SIG meeting this July at the 2011 AACP Annual Meeting and Seminars in San Antonio.

Please forward any nominations and contact information for the position of chair-elect and secretary to any of the three members of the Nominations Committee by Friday, April 15, 2011:

Dr. Christian B. Albano, Dr. Bruce Edgren or Dr. Carrie Maffeo (committee chair)

The position descriptions for the position of chair-elect, chair and secretary are as follows from the Public Health SIG bylaws:


  • The chair-elect shall assume the duties of the chair in the event the office of chair is vacated.
  • The chair-elect shall serve as chair of the Program Committee and as a member of the Nominations Committee.
  • Upon completion of his/her term, the chair-elect shall assume the office of chair.


  • The chair shall set the agenda and preside at all scheduled meetings of the SIG, and shall also charge and oversee the activities of all committees.
  • Unless otherwise stated in these Standing Rules, the chair shall appoint the membership of all standing committees in July of each year.
  • The chair may appoint a member to complete the term of a vacated office.
  • The chair shall request, review and approve all expenditures of funds allocated to the SIG by the Association.
  • Upon completion of his/her term of office, the chair shall assume the office of immediate past chair.


  • The secretary shall record, keep and distribute minutes of SIG business meetings to all officers.
  • The secretary shall summarize the minutes of the annual SIG business meeting for publication in the Newsletter.
  • The secretary shall serve as chair of the Resolutions Committee and transmit to the AACP Board, House of Delegates or Bylaws and Policy Development Committee all policy and resolution issues approved by the SIG membership.

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