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Online Book Club Forum

Currently, Women Faculty SIG Book Club members are reading Whale Done! by Ken Blanchard, Thad Lacinak, Chuck Tompkins and Jim Ballard. This short "mini-read" is another selection in our "petite book collection" that is only 123 pages and presents an encouraging story that may make you think about the way you approach your relationships at work and at home. This book is available as a hardcover from major bookstore retailers, as well as a paperback, compact disc and eBook download from online stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Our online discussion forum for Whale Done! will be available Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 through Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. Traditionally, we have used the Ning social networking site to hold our online discussions. We are exploring alternative venues to hold the discussion, so stayed tuned on how you can participate!

Please consider the following "reader's guide" questions as you read this book and consider what you might "post" on the online discussion forum page:

Whale Done!  Reader’s Guide 

  1. Whale Done! begins at the Shamu Stadium at Sea World. Amazed and curious about how the trainers are able to control such large animals, a dejected manager asks one of the trainers, “How do you do that?” A key point the manager learns is to “Accentuate the positive.” How often do you find yourself accentuating the positive during your work- and home-life? What effect does that have on your overall attitude and the attitude of those around you?
  2. The redirection method for handling undesirable performance or behavior is a cornerstone theory of the Whale Done! method. Have you had the opportunity to practice the redirection method at work? Or at home? Did you find the method uncomfortable at first? What noticeable changes has it made in your interactions with students, other faculty, or even family members? What challenges do you face when you need to redirect energy? How have you improved your redirecting skills?  
  3. The text describes essentially two types of managers: GOTchas and Whale Dones! What category do you fall into as a department chair/team-member/preceptor when it comes to acknowledging performance? What ups and downs have you seen with either approach?
  4. Motivating those that work with us can be a difficult task as almost everyone is motivated by something different. How do you go about finding motivators for those on your team? What motivates you to challenge yourself and improve performance?
  5. Share some experiences in which you have used the Whale Done! approach.

On behalf of the SIG Networking Committee, we look forward to your participation in our Online Book Club. Please feel free to contact Terri Wensel with any questions.

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