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Council of Deans 

The Council of Deans is comprised of individual active, affiliate, and emeritus members who are deans, or administrative heads of regular institutional members, who are administrative heads (or their designee) of affiliate institutional members, associate or assistant deans of regular or affiliate institutional members who select membership in the Council of Deans, or who are professional staff members of the Association or the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), or who have achieved emeritus status in such positions. Among the interests of this Council are the educational policies, the internal administration of colleges/schools, and relationships to other elements of the community of higher education and to society at large.

Anne Y. Lin (Notre Dame of Maryland University) Chair
Evan T. Robinson (Western New England University) Chair-elect
Natalie D. Eddington (University of Maryland) Immediate Past Chair
Sharon L. Youmans (University of California, San Francisco) Secretary
Lynette Bradley-Baker (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
Russell B. Melchert (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Representative to the COD Admin Board

Mission Statement

The mission of the Council is to identify and address major issues related to the conduct of professional, post-professional and graduate education, research and service in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.

The Council addresses this mission through appropriate committees responsible for programming at regional and national meetings, through its representatives on the Association's Board of Directors (BOD), and through the development of various reports published or disseminated in various formats for use by the collective school/college constituencies. An overriding theme for the Council is to address policy-relevant issues, which can ultimately be helpful to AACP, as well as locally, regionally and nationally to individual colleges/schools.

Specific objectives of the Council include:

  • Advocate for the betterment of pharmacy education and the profession.
  • Inform the membership of contemporary issues through programming at national meetings and other forms of communications.
  • Stimulate the expansion of leadership in the Academy by supporting the development of management and leadership interests and skills.
  • Communicate information through the development of shared databases and comparative information reports.
  • Inform constituents, policy makers and the public by issuing position papers on pharmacy education, the biomedical/ pharmaceutical sciences and healthcare.
  • Foster cooperation and form affiliations between pharmacy educators and policy makers in academia, government, industry, the profession and other healthcare professions to address common issues.
  • Coordinate, communicate, and partner with the Council of Faculties (COF) on selected projects or programs.
  • Facilitate communication among pharmacy administrators across the colleges and schools of pharmacy.
  • Advise AACP staff and Association administrative units (e.g., COF, BOD, Office of Graduate Education, Research, and Scholarship, etc.) on budget and programmatic areas, and work with AACP staff to advance the mission of AACP and the Council.

    Standing Rules of Procedure

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     Contact Information

    Lynette R. Bradley-Baker, R.Ph., Ph.D.
    Vice President of Public Affairs and Engagement
    703-739-2330 ext. 1014

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