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Council of Faculties Special Projects and Information 

Call for COF Chair Nominations

The Council of Faculties seeks nominations from members interested in leading the COF as Chair. This leadership position entails a three-year commitment (Chair-elect, Chair, Immediate Past Chair), is a member of the COF Administrative Board, and serves on the AACP Board of Directors. The Council of Faculties is composed of all individuals active, affiliate, student, and emeritus members not eligible for or not holding membership in the Council of Deans. Among the interests of this Council are interdisciplinary matters of curriculum, course content, education methods, faculty/administration relations, and national issues of general interest to pharmacy faculties. Ideal candidates are those with track record of involvement in AACP, an appreciation of the issues facing pharmacy education, plus a willingness to represent and advocate for faculty, regardless of the discipline. The COF Nominations Committee will slate two candidates for an election to be held in the fall of 2016. You may nominate yourself or an eligible colleague. A copy of the candidate’s CV should be sent to Nomination Committee Chair Steven Scott ( Self-nominations are permissible and should include, in addition to a CV, a brief statement indicating why you desire to serve as Chair of the Council. Individuals should submit the aforementioned documents by February 8, 2016.


Information on COF Administrative Board Responsibilities

COF Board Responsibilities Descriptions


Department Chairs

Resources for Department Chairs - A listing of resources for department chairs developed by a Council of Faculties subcommittee in the 2010-2011 academic year.


2010 Annual Meeting Department Chair Session

Department Chairs Session Attendees Sign In

Department Chairs Question 1 - Magnitude of Reductions - Results

Department Chairs Question 2 - Impact of Reductions - Results

Department Chairs Question 3 - Response from Stakeholders - Results

Department Chairs Question 4 - Strategies to Address Financial Reductions - Results

Department Chairs Question 5 - How Can AACP Assist You in Dealing with Financial Reductions - Results

A Survey of US Pharmacy Deans: Continued Growth in Pharmacy Education and Research Is Projected for 2010-2015

Special Report on Pharmacy Faculty Workplace Issues - Findings from the 2009-2010 COD-COF Joint Task Force on Faculty Workforce


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