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Council of Sections 

The Council of Sections (COS) is composed of the administrative officers (chair-elect, chair, immediate past chair) of all academic Sections. The primary focus of the Council is to represent the collective interests of the academic disciplines within pharmacy education to the Association and its Board of Directors (BOD).


Steven C. Stoner (University of Missouri-Kansas City) Chair
Jennifer Danielson (University of Washington) Chair-elect
Schwanda K. Flowers (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences) Immediate Past Chair
Karen M. Nagel-Edwards (Midwestern University - Downers Grove) Secretary
Melinda D. Colon (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison

Mission Statement

The mission of the Council of Sections is to represent and advocate for the collective interests of the Sections of the Association. The Council provides leadership to the Sections through policy development and programming. The COS acts through its representatives on the Association's BOD and through efforts to facilitate Section activities that align with the mission and the strategic plan of AACP. 

Specific objectives of the Council include:

  • Represent the collective interests of the Sections of the Association;
  • Advocate for the resolutions and policy proposals brought forward by the individual Sections to the BOD;
  • Coordinate programming for the individual Sections as well as collaborate with the Council of Faculties (COF) and Council of Deans (COD);
  • Coordinate task forces pertaining to the interests of multiple Sections; and
  • Coordinate, communicate and partner with the COF and the COD on selected projects or programs.

Standing Rules and Procedures

 Council of Section Documents

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 Contact Information

Melinda D. Colon, B.A., C.M.P.
Director of Governance Programs and Meetings
703-739-2330 ext. 1012
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