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Opening General Session

Innovation is Everybody’s Business…and Our Future

Robert B. Tucker

Robert B. Tucker, president of The Innovation Resource and a renowned global futurist, will discuss innovation, growth, change management and thriving in the workplace. Organizations and academic institutions are in constant need of individuals with the abilities and skills to think ahead of the curve and get new projects done. While professionals with functional skills abound, those with Innovation Skills are emerging as the most valuable talent. In this practical, highly interactive session, Tucker provides powerful tools and strategies to help you hone your Innovation Skills (I-Skills). You will learn to spot emerging opportunities, demonstrate initiative, add value, create unconventional solutions and get new things done more effectively and efficiently.

Science Symposium

From Bench to Main Street: Translating Discovery Science into Tomorrow’s Cures

Laurence Hurley, Ph.D.

Mike Jacobson, Ph.D.

Ellen Beasley, Ph.D.

Dr. Laurence Hurley, previous Dawson Award recipient and distinguished professor at The University of Arizona College of Pharmacy, will be joined by two outstanding scientists in this “fireside chat” on how to advance research from the bench to the bedside and beyond. Panelists include Dr. Mike Jacobson, founding dean at the University of North Texas College of Pharmacy and founder of Niadyne Pharma, and Dr. Ellen Beasley, chief science officer at Genomic Health. The group will discuss the discovery and commercialization of new diagnostic and therapeutic agents.

Topics of discussion include their experiences with translational sciences, challenges they have faced, balancing academic and translational goals, future opportunities for students and faculty in pharmaceutical sciences, and bringing the next generation of products into healthcare for the benefit of patients and others. The panel’s comments will be followed by a period of Q&A from the audience.

Tuesday General Session

Plan to Matter: Creating Cultures of Leadership

Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley, former coordinator of the largest academic leadership program in Canada, believes “leadership cannot be taught. It can only be learned.” In this session, Dudley will help participants explore what leadership means to them and their communities. He will explore the concept of creating cultures of leadership by helping organizations and their people plan to matter. At the heart of the “planning to matter” approach is the belief that cultures of leadership are created when our leadership values are used to drive our behavior. It takes planning to ensure that happens. In this session, learn how to change the definition of leadership, and create an action plan to ensure that leadership is fostered, acknowledged and rewarded in homes, workplaces, and communities.

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