INspire 2018: The AACP INterim Meeting

INspire 2018: The AACP INterim Meeting
INfluence 2017: The AACP INterim Meeting

INspire 2018: The AACP INterim Meeting 


INspire 2018 - The AACP INterim meeting

February 24–27, 2018
Long Beach, California

The 2018 INterim Meeting will INspire attendees with innovative leadership development strategies and new tools to tackle critical issues facing the profession. You’ll return to your institution recharged and ready to INspire new leaders.

New This Year!

Plan to attend Saturday’s Research Symposium.

Registration opens soon.

New at INspire 2018: Submit a Proposal for a Microsession

Sharing Successful Strategies and Engaging Audiences

Packing information and insight into 10-minute segments, microsessions are an innovative way for meeting attendees to engage on different strategies and tactics that address important issues. This shorter format provides an opportunity for participants to hear multiple approaches and success stories.

  • Building the applicant pipeline
  • Building a brand for the profession of pharmacy
  • Inspirational leadership
    Presenters will provide:
  • A brief, 5–7 minute overview of their programs related to a specific topic
  • followed by a 3–5 minute Q&A
  • Presenters may use PowerPoint – but no more than 5 slides, emphasizing visuals rather than text

Meeting attendees can choose to hear all the presentations on a particular topic or visit a different room to participate in discussions about the other topics.

Submissions are due November 9 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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