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Critical Issue #6 

AACP Financial Resources and Infrastructure
How do we ensure that the organization has the financial resources short-term (one to three years) and long-term and the necessary infrastructure to support the mission and vision?


“Dynamic” is the best descriptor of AACP staff resources in the current year. After a period of great stability several staff identified opportunities for career advancement, both within the AACP staff and in other organizations. Katie Owings and Jamie Taylor were promoted  within AACP to new responsibilities as Manager of Student Services and Research Analyst, respectively. Also promoted to new levels of leadership were Sibu Ramamurthy as Senior Director of Finance, Allan Lee as Senior Director of Technology and Business Solutions, and Lynette Bradley-Baker as Vice President, Public Affairs and Engagement.  Will Lang transitioned to the role of Senior Policy Advisor.  Stephanie Fouch will continue in her role as Senior Advisor for Outreach and Communications.  Members of the Communications Team have been promoted:  Maureen Thielemans to Associate Communications Director, Trica Ekenstam Gordon to Associate Design Director, and Kyle Bagin to Communications Coordinator.  In June, AACP transitioned management of human resources to a contractual agreement with Raffa, a full-service finance and human resource partner organization dedicated to helping clients maximize the effectiveness of its workforce. 

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