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Message from the President and CEO 

Peggy Piascik, Ph.D.
President, AACP
Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science
University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

Lucinda L. Maine, Ph.D., R.Ph.
Executive Vice President and CEO, AACP

The “relentless pursuit of excellence in pharmacy education” was the theme for the 2013-14 year, and there have been so many opportunities to bring this to fruition over the past several months. We are pleased to share an overview of AACP’s activities in this annual report.

The release of the updated CAPE competencies at the record-breaking AACP Annual Meeting in Chicago got the year off to a blazing beginning. This is the fourth iteration of a blueprint for member schools to rely on as they design and redesign contemporary curricula for Pharm.D. programs. As has been the case since the first CAPE competencies were released in 1994, the 2013 document informed the current accreditation standards revision as reflected in ACPE draft Standards 1 through 4. AACP has worked closely with ACPE in the past year to study key issues in the new standards, especially in the areas of experiential education and assessment.

AACP also engaged with the profession in its relentless pursuit of new and expanded roles for pharmacists. Through the Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners, we helped the profession articulate an updated vision for pharmacy practice that truly puts the patient in the center of all we do. In addition, AACP collaborated with our practice colleagues in developing consensus on a patient-centered pharmacy practice model that will enable students and pharmacists to learn and deliver care in a systematic fashion that can be described and understood by our patients and other members of the health care team. AACP is a collaborator in the national pursuit of provider status for pharmacists as well.

Our Academic Affairs Committee studied educational innovation this year and has recommended that AACP take a lead role in the development of serious educational games for health professions learners. The AACP Board moved swiftly on this recommendation and launched Mimycx, a multiplayer game for interprofessional education that will be available in early 2015. The establishment of Professions Quest, a new game development company, was enabled through a strategic partnership with the Simulation and Gaming Institute at George Mason University.

This is also the year of celebration for two transformational professional development programs that have reached the milestone of ten years since their launch – the Academic Leadership Fellows Program enrolled its tenth cohort in August, and the AACP/WalMart Scholars Program welcomes its tenth group of aspiring pharmacy educators to our meeting in Grapevine, TX. AACP will recognize WalMart for its remarkable support of this program with the Distinguished Service Award in July.

The Academic Research Fellows program, a new development program for promising research leaders, was launched this year as well. Fifteen proven scientists engaged in a yearlong development activity focused on the insights needed to lead future initiatives in collaborative team science. We will celebrate the conclusion of this excellent new program in July.

AACP certainly has demonstrated our “relentless pursuit of excellence” in education, practice, research and service throughout this past year.  We will bring this pursuit to all our future endeavors.

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