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Maine Message 

Dear Colleagues:

The end of each year typically affords us some quiet (ok, quieter) time to reflect on the year ending and commit to goals for the coming year. Personally, that almost always involves better health, more time with loved ones, and adopting a new activity that makes us a better person. We can make resolutions as organizations too, and I offer a few that may apply to your institution, as well as to our collective work through AACP.

Resolution #1: Communicate More Effectively

We (our faculty, students, and the AACP staff) do so much to create value in society, yet within our hurried lives and congested channels of communication we often fail to share information using the most effective tools of communications. Former Dean and APhA CEO Dr. John Gans repeatedly said to his staff, “If you don’t toot your own horn someone will use it as a funnel!” Shall we resolve in 2014 to communicate more effectively and alert all the important stakeholders to the value generated by the work of academic pharmacy?

Resolution #2: Commit to Transformational Leadership

The 2013 Argus Commission report studied game-changers in our profession and society. The bottom line was that changes in technology and the consumer’s role in both education and healthcare have profound implications for pharmacy practice and education. It’s time to step forward and embrace change, think boldly about our roles and seize opportunities to be the transformational change agents. It will require new sets of skills as well as courage. AACP leaders commit to “always having your back” in these uncertain yet exciting days ahead.

Resolution #3: Take Action to Improve Our Own Health and the Health of Communities

I saved the hardest one for last. The quote from Gandhi about being the change we wish to see in our world starts with our own health behaviors. That seven-hour sleep minimum (catching up on e-mail in bed does not count), eating healthier and exercising more are all personal goals. Identifying gaps in our community architecture that we, our students and faculty, can fill is actually easier to approach than the personal health behavior change. Academic pharmacy does this in many ways. Now we need to communicate about this more effectively (see resolution #1).

I wish each of you the happiest holidays and a new year filled with success, both personally and professionally. 2013 has been a fantastic year and I have every confidence that 2014 will be even better.


Lucinda L. Maine, Ph.D., R.Ph.
CEO and Publisher

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