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January 2016 

Drake University


John Harrell, principal investigator. Project Title: Impact of Sedentary Time Accumulation on Cerebrovascular Reactivity. Funding Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Iowa Space Grant Consortium. Amount Awarded: $10,000.

The University of Tennessee


Leslie A. Hamilton, Neurocritical Care Society for $1,000, Travel Grant, to attend the 13th Annual Neurocritical Care Society Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

University at Buffalo, The State University of New York


Nicholas Norgard was awarded 2015 Educator of the Year by the New York State Chapter of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

William A. Prescott Jr. received the 2015 University at Buffalo Teaching Innovation Award.

Jun Qu was honored with the Outstanding Contribution Award for Medicinal Analysis by the Chinese Society of Pharmaceutical Analysis.


Fred Doloresco III, clinical associate professor, pharmacy practice

University of Illinois at Chicago


Hyunyoung Jeong received $111,929 in continuation funding as a subcontract principal investigator on an NIH/NIGMS-funded R37 grant “Design & Synthesis of Nonpeptide Protease Inhibitors”.

Gregory Thatcher and Pavel Petukhov received $733,700 in continuation funds as co-principal investigators on an NIH/NHLBI-funded CADET grant “Therapeutic Targeting of Carotid Body Chemoreflex for Sleep-Disordered Breathing”. They are collaborating with co-Investigators Jimmy Orjala and Terry Moore.

Daniel R. Touchette received $167,636 in new funding from Cardinal Health for project “Evaluation of a Novel Medication Use Health and Wellness Solution in Patients with Diabetes.” He is collaborating with co-principal investigator Lisa Sharp and co-investigator Kellyn Moran.

Surrey Walton received $13,593 as a subcontract principal investigator on an NIH/NIDDKD-funded R01 grant, “Testing a Medication Risk Communication and Surveillance Strategy: The Emc2 Trial”.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Alison Axtman, research assistant professor

Daniel Crona, assistant professor

Jerry Heneghan, professor of the practice and director of the Center of Innovation in Pharmacy Simulation

Amber Proctor, clinical assistant professor

Tim Willson, research professor

Bill Zuercher, research associate professor


Robert A. Blouin received the 2015 Don Blanton Award from the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists,

Stephen F. Eckel was awarded the 2015 NCAP Leadership Award and 2015 McKesson Leadership Award by the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists.

Joe Moose has been named the National Community Pharmacists Association 2015 Willard B. Simmons Independent Pharmacist of the Year.

Tasha Woodall was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award by the North Carolina Association of Pharmacists.


Kristy Ainslie, NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, $315,308, Celecoxib Derivative: Host Cell-Directed Inhibitors of Intracellular Pathogens.

Jeffrey Aube received $77,250 from the University of Kansas Center for Research for “HTS to identify small molecules to disrupt abnormal huntingtin interactions in HD.” He also received $128,062 for “Legacy continuation of the KU CMLD Mission;” $80,817 for “Small molecules modulating RNA-binding protein MSI1;” and $128,062 and $80,817 for “Molecular Cancer Therapy Targeting HuR-ARE Interaction” from University of Kansas Center for Research.

Aube also received $255,514 from Scripps Research Institute for “Novel probes of the kappa opioid receptor: chemistry, pharmacology, and biology” and $632,186 from the Cornell University Medical Campus, for “Tri-institutional TB research unit: Persistence and latency 1u19ai111143 - Chemistry Core.”

Soumya Benhabbour, Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, $87,777, DNase for Prevention of Reproductive Tract Infections in Pregnancy R33 Phase

Kim R. Brouwer, NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences, $587,047, Altered Hepatic Disposition of Anionic Drugs-Mechanisms. She also received $61,380 from Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc. for “Otsuka Membrane Vesicle and Isolated Perfused Liver Studies” and $272,007 from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for “UNC-Duke Collaborative Clinical Pharmacology Postdoctoral Training Program”

Yanguang Cao, DHHS Food and Drug Administration, $64,966 and $175,978, Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Model for Drugs Encapsulated into Liposomes (U01).

Delesha Carpenter, University of Pittsburgh, $30,420, Impact of Healthcare Utilization and Informal Caregiving for Primary Systemic Vasculitis: A National Perspective

Channing Der, American Cancer Society, $163,500, Targeting Myc in Mutant KRAS-dependent Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Stephen F. Eckel, Becton Dickinson and Company, $64,915, Evaluating the Accuracy of Chemotherapy Preparations Gang Fang, NIH National Institute on Aging, $390,259, National Health Literacy Mapping to Inform Healthcare Policy

Stephen Frye, NIH National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases, $342,000, High Throughput Screening Assay for IP7K inositol pyrophosphate kinases. He also received $195,269 from Leidos Biomedical Research for “Task Order #8- BOA under 5-58589 as a Comprehensive Chemical Biology Screening Center.”

Daniel Gonzalez, Duke University, $26,568, Solithromycin PK and Safety Study

Leaf Huang, NIH National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases, $330,600, Hepatic gene delivery with non-viral vector. He also received $307,100 from the National Cancer Institute for “Nanocrystals for the Treatment of Multidrug Resistance in Cancer.”

Timothy J. Ives, University of Iowa, $32,072, MEDication Focused Outpatient Care for Underutilization of Secondary Prevention

Michael Jay, Capture Pharmaceuticals, $240,689, SBIR: DTPA Diethyl Ester An orally administered Radionuclide Decorporation Agent

Alexander Kabanov, NIH National Cancer Institute, $200,830, Carolina Cancer Nanotechnology Training Program. He also received $411,216 from the NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for “Nanoformulation of the neuroprotectant BDNF for treatment of stroke,” and $575,542 from the NIH National Cancer Institute for “Targeted Core Shell Nanogels for Triple Negative Breast Cancer.”

Angela Kashuba, Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa, $91,200, Inflammation and HIV risk: understanding partial tenofovir efficacy in CAPRISA004. She also received $163,912 from Gilead Sciences, Inc. for “WAVES GS-US-236-0128 CVL substudy.”

Sam Lai, VentureWell, $32,500, Carolina E(I) Lab: A Multidisciplinary, Entrepreneurial Experience in Transforming Bold Ideas into Successful Ventures. He also received $224,429 from the NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering for "Prevalence and characteristics of anti-PEG antibodies in humans."

Mankit Law, North Carolina Biotechnology Center, $50,000., Use of Autologous Macrophages for Sustained Delivery of GDNF as Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

David Lawrence, NIH National Cancer Institute, $30,865, The Use of Novel Peptide Probes to Study Proteasome Regulation by Src Family Kinases in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma. He also received $228,000 from the NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for “Optogenetic Mitochondria-Directed Proteins.”

Andrew Lee, the University of Iowa, $36,027, Tunneling and Dynamics in Enzyme Catalyzed Reactions

Kuo-Hsiung Lee, NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, $483,933, Plant Anti-HIV Agents

Jian Liu, NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, $32,930, Chemical and enzymatic synthesis of multi-domain heparin mimetics. He also received $88,421 from Michigan State University for “Homogeneous Heparan Sulfate Glycopeptides: Synthetic and Functional Studies;” $37,430 from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for “In Situ Regeneration of Bioactive Surfaces: Rechargeable Antithrombogenic Films;” and $249,999 from the DHHS Food and Drug Administration for “Probing the heparin structural elements for high risk of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT).”

Alexander Tropsha, NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences, $288,800, ChemBench: the Integrated Web Portal to Accelerate Cheminformatics and Chemical Genomics Research. He also received $250,000 from Applied Research Associates Inc. for “UNC-BioGears Partnership Tim Wiltshire, University of Pennsylvania, $25,000, Personalization of Therapeutic Efficacy and Risk.”

Xiao Xiao, NIH National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases, $33,664, Down-regulation of microRNA-206 in striated muscle of mdx mice improves muscle function

William Zamboni, NexImmune, $61,672, Assay Development and Validation for Quantitation of Kb-SIY-dimer and anti-CD28 ligands in Solution for CMC Studies by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry (HRAM)

Qisheng Zhang, National Institute of General Medical Sciences, $277,866, Development of Small Molecule ARFGAP Regulators to Dissect Cell Signaling


Wendy C. Cox, has been promoted to associate dean for curricular and student affairs.

University of Oklahoma


Shanjana Awasthi received tenure.

Vincent C. Dennis was named Educator of the Year for the college by the class of 2015.

W. Michael McShan, appointed director of the Summer Undergraduate Research Programs on the OU Health Sciences Center campus.

Lourdes G. Planas accepted the APhA-APRS 2015 Clinical Research Paper Award.

R. Christopher Rathbun was elected as a fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy and recognized at the ACCP 2015 Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in San Francisco.

Justin Wilson was elected fifth vice president of the National Community Pharmacists Association.


Lucila Garcia-Contreras, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. $30,000. “Development of SHetA2 vaginal suppositories for treatment of cervical dysplasia.”

Anne Kasus-Jacobi, Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST). $135,000. “Wound healing mechanisms modulated by novel antimicrobial peptides.”

Shellie Keast, Rutgers University. $25,000. “SMINET-Applying evidence to improve care and outcomes in severe mental illness.” She also received $160,484 from Gilead Sciences Inc. for “Potential drug interactions of hepatitis C (HCV) patients enrolled in a state medicaid program and the effect of prior authorization and case management on HCV therapy completion.”

W. Michael McShan, Presbyterian Health Foundation. $50,000. “Chromosomal island SanCl and streptococcus anginosus global transcription.”

H. Anne Pereira, NIH-NIAID. $10,000. “48th annual Leukocyte Biology - Immunity in health and disease meeting.”

Grant Skrepnek, R.Ph. University of Arizona-PCORI. $7,389. “Peer-driven intervention as an alternate model of care delivery and coordination.”

Kelly Standifer, Presbyterian Health Foundation. $75,000. “Modulation of inflammatory mechanisms underlying chronic pain of posttraumatic stress disorder: Prevention and treatment.” She also received $69,622. From Presbyterian Health Foundation – Equipment for “Multi-modal protein and RNA visualization and quantification.”

Sukyung Woo, Optimum Therapeutics. $27,598. “Subcontract to support graduate student.”

Youngjae You, NIH-NIGMS. $1,493,004. “Photo-unclick chemistry and its application to near infrared-activatable prodrugs.”

Wei Yue, NIH-NIGMS. $115,000. “FV10i-LIV confocal imaging system.”


Michelle E. Condren, promotion to professor and chair, Dept. of Pharmacy: Clinical & Administrative Sciences-Tulsa.

Wendy Galbraith, promotion to clinical associate professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Michelle Liedtke, promotion to associate professor, Dept. of Pharmacy: Clinical & Administrative Sciences.

Melissa S. Medina, promotion to professor, Dept. of Pharmacy: Clinical & Administrative Sciences.

Patrick J. Medina, promotion to professor, Dept. of Pharmacy: Clinical & Administrative Sciences.


Mark A. Stratton, professor and Herbert & Dorothy Langsam Endowed Chair in geriatric pharmacy

Virginia Commonwealth University


David A. Holdford has been appointed director of international programs.

Cynthia K. Kirkwood has been named executive associate dean for academic affairs.

Emily P. Peron was inducted into the Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society. 

Douglas Sweet has been named chairman of the Department of Pharmaceutics.


Kenneth McArthur Jr. was named to Virginia Business magazine’s 2015 Elite List as one of the top health law attorneys in Virginia.


Peter Byron, E. Claiborne Robins Professor and former chairman, Department of Pharmaceutics, has retired, effective Jan. 1.

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