May 2016

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May 2016 

Auburn University


Vishnu Suppiramaniam was appointed assistant dean, research and graduate programs.

Purdue University


Arun K. Ghosh received $284,819 from Kumamoto University for “Development of Antiretroviral Non-PI Agents that Penetrate Central Nervous System and Exert Potent Activity Against Various HIV-1.”

Marlene O. Heeg received $134,000 from Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation for “Exploring Strategies to Improve Chronic Heart Failure Outcomes and Reduce Hospital Readmissions.”

Lynne S. Taylor received $131,269 from Bend Research Inc. for “New Approaches for Miscibility Evaluation in Spray-Dried Formulations.”

Elizabeth M. Topp received $296,583 from PHS-NIH National Institute of General Medical Science for “Protein Aggregation in Amorphous Solids.”

Michael K. Wendt received $23,858 from PHS-NIH National Cancer Institute for “Targeting FGFR to Prevent the Outgrowth of Metastatic Breast Cancer.”

Zhong-Yin Zhang received $37,347 from SUNY Upstate Medical University for “Targeting of Shp2 Tyrosine Phosphatase in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.”


Carol Ott was promoted to clinical professor.

Chris Rochet was promoted to professor.

University of Illinois at Chicago


Jim Wang and co-principal investigator Frank Porreca (The University of Arizona) received $567,508 for the first year of their NIH/NIDA R01 grant, "Cortical Opioid Dysfunction in Chronic Pain.”

University of Wyoming


Kem P. Krueger accepted the dean position at the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy.

The University of Tennessee


Marie A. Chisholm-Burns was named the G. Van Greene Distinguished Lecturer at Mercer University.

Stephan Foster received the University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy Distinguished Alumni Award.


Wei Li, National Institutes of Health, $1.91 million R01 grant, to support the development survivin as a safer and more effective potential treatment for many types of cancers.

Virginia Commonwealth University


Barbara Exum is director of the school’s new Center for Compounding Practice and Research.


Joseph McClay and Adam Hawkridge, VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research, $43,590, “Evaluating the Role of ANKS1B in Mediating Second-Generation Antipsychotic Drug Efficacy.”

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