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Academic-Practice Partnership Initiative 

The Academic-Practice Partnership Initiative (APPI) was created in 2004 to identify strategies and develop resources to increase capacity and enhance quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of professional experience programs. The purpose of this initiative is to improve pharmacy education and practice by: enhancing opportunities for pharmacists to become partners of schools and colleges of pharmacy; enabling colleges and schools of pharmacy in their efforts to assist practitioners and organizations to advance patient care services; and to assist administrators at colleges and schools as well as in pharmacy organizations to enhance experiential education.

Summit to Advance Experiential Education

“Summit to Advance Experiential Education in Pharmacy” held June 17-18, 2005, Chicago, Illinois. More than 70 stakeholders including practitioner preceptors, faculty, employers, students, residents and representatives of professional organizations and accreditation met to develop solutions to the challenges of enhancing capacity and quality in experiential education. Recommendations, themes and action plans are contained in the final report, appendices and bibliography provided here.

Final Report of the "Summit to Advance Experiential Education in Pharmacy"

APPI Summit Final Report Appendices

APPI Summit Final Report Bibliography

Advanced Practice Experience Site Profiling System (APESPS)

The APESPS is a toolkit designed for use by college/school of pharmacy professional program experiential directors to identify, document and profile models of exemplary experiential education practice sites exhibiting the APPI-developed quality criteria. The system contains: the “Exemplary Pharmacy Practice Experiential Sites” Criteria developed to identify the essential elements necessary for an exemplary pharmacy practice site and preceptor, a data collection worksheet to capture site and preceptor-specific information and an assessment instrument for preceptor evaluation.

The "Exemplary Pharmacy Practice Experiential Sites" Criteria

Data Collection Worksheet for Site and Preceptor-specific Information

Assessment Instrument for Preceptor Evaluation

Pilot Project to Profile Exemplary Advanced Practice Experience Sites - In 2006, a pilot project was undertaken to demonstrate and refine the APPI Advanced Practice Experience Site Profiling System (APESPS). The sites profiled here are those identified by the academic-practice partners as high quality experiential teaching sites for fourth year Doctor of Pharmacy students based on evidence of demonstrating to an optimal degree the APPI quality criteria.

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