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Contributor:Kristin K. Janke, PhD
Administrative/Academic Title:Professor
Institution:University of Minnesota
Other Contributors:Heather Bislew, PharmD; Nicole Olson, PharmD; Amy Ruuska, PharmD; Laura Hubbard, PharmD University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
Title:Program Level Assessment of Lifelong Learning Skill Development through Informed Planning and Ongoing Improvements in a Continuing Professional Development Portfolio Process
Tool/Process Description:
Objective: To provide the necessary support for each student to develop the skills needed to graduate as a “CPD ready” practitioner. To develop a portfolio process that addresses student learning needs in the area of lifelong and self-directed learning skill development, while also addressing programmatic assessment needs. Methods: The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Portfolio Process extends for four semesters, beginning in the spring of the third professional year and continuing through graduation. The Process requires that students maintain a learning portfolio, which is assessed by Pharmacist Evaluators on a quarterly basis and shared with preceptors at each Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE). The portfolio contains various requirements that are designed to aid students in taking more responsibility during their transition to self-directed, workplace based learning. The CPD Portfolio Process addresses programmatic assessment from two vantage points. First, it provides program level, longitudinal assessment of CPD-related skill development, including measures of skills in self-assessment, learning planning, learning reflection, learning documentation, evaluation of learning progress and collaboration. At baseline, these assessments aid in understanding the impact of the Pre-APPE curriculum. Quarterly and summative assessments aid in understanding the impact of the final year on learning skill development. Second, CPD Portfolio provides a venue for additional student learning and programmatic assessments. With the need for quality self-assessment as a launching point for CPD, tools and instruments can be logically used to prompt student reflection and planning while simultaneously collecting information of benefit to the program. Three specific examples of tools are discussed including the CPD Learning Assessment, CPD Self-Assessment and Peer Review Self-Assessment Exercise. A CPD Rubric is used to assess documentation related to CPD. Results: Baseline learning surveys have indicated that, at the conclusion of IPPEs and the didactic curriculum, there is still room for improvement in student self-directed learning. Over the course of the year, CPD-related skill development was statistically significant (all measures p

Tool/Process Details:

Length of use:4-6 years
Requirements:Not applicable
Adapted From:
CPD Learning Assessment is Modified from: Dopp AL, Moulton JR, Rouse MJ, Trewet CLB. A Five-State Continuing Professional Development Pilot Program for Practicing Pharmacists. Amer J Phar Educ. 2010; 74(2): Article 28 Professionalism Assessment Tool: Kelley K, et. al. Cross-Validation of an Instrument for Measuring Professionalism Behaviors. Am J Pharm Educ. 2011; 75(9): Article 179.
CPD Learning Assessment: K. Janke, Ph.D. University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy CPD Self-Assessment: K. Janke, Ph.D., University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy Peer Review Self-Assessment Exercise: K. Janke, Ph.D., M. Wallace, Pharm.D., University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy CPD Rubric: CPD Portfolio Instructional Team, University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy
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