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Community Engagement and Learning 

AACP hopes to nurture a learning community that has a focus on community engagement through service and scholarship. In a nutshell, learning communities develop or can be fostered when a group of individuals share similar learning goals.

As pharmacists we have a responsibility to the community, as academic pharmacists we have a responsibility to the community to protect and nurture community engagement so that both the University and the people benefit.

Consider this community an open forum. As the Community Engagement Leader, it is my goal to help you meet your individual learning goals in respect to community engagement and service learning methods and scholarship. I hope to help the group as a whole learn what our potential impact can be. –Ruth E. Nemire, Pharm.D., Community Engagement Leader

Community Engagement Resources

The following Web sites contain information and resources on community engagement:

Community Campus Partnerships for Health
Washington Center National Learning Common

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