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Quality Improvement in Pharmacy Practice 

Welcome to the Quality Improvement Learning Community.

We are excited that you are a member of the Quality Improvement (QI) in Pharmacy Practice Learning Community. Subsequent to the Institute of Medicine's Crossing the Quality of Chasm report, healthcare professionals and national organizations are working to improve the quality of healthcare provided to the citizens of our nation. As academicians, it is our responsibility to train student pharmacists to provide quality care to their patients; to assess structural and process improvements in the healthcare system; and to assess a patient's outcome.

Several members are already involved in activities related to QI. Some of these include the implementation of QI concepts into courses or working with their regional Medicare-contracted Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO's), who are tasked with working locally with prescription drugs plans and providers to improve quality in medication use. We also expect that many participants in this learning community are just getting started in QI activities. The neat thing about a LC is that it provides an environment for all of us to learn from each other.

For those unfamiliar with a LC, it is a community of individuals with a common knowledge base or interest who come together formally to share ideas and resources. Our primary mode of communications will initially be through the listserv and posting of resources. Other opportunities to communicate will be at the Annual and Interim AACP meetings through organized networking sessions and programming. The first of these sessions will be at the upcoming Interim Meeting in San Antonio at Tuesday morning's continental breakfast, so mark your calendar now.

To meet your needs as members, we would like to hear from you as to what you expect to learn from the LC and what goals we should work to achieve. Two ideas are the sharing of course syllabuses and articles related to QI and to identify models for collaboration with QIO's. Questions will also be posted from time to time on the listserv to generate discussions. AACP would also like for us to develop a mission statement for our LC. Other activities could include collaborative research projects, scholarly activity, and the development of a curriculum framework and TEP Quality Measures.

The names of individuals who are currently in the QI LC will be sent via the listserv next week. As others join, their names will be sent monthly to exiting members. Please remember to send in your suggestions for the LC and monitor the dialogue on the listserv. We look forward to working with you.


Ginger G. Scott
West Virginia University

Stephen Kogut
University of Rhode Island

Last updated on: 10/8/2009 3:28 PM 

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