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Week 2: September 10 - September 15, 2012 by Brandon Dyson
This week, I started getting a little bit more settled in my rotation and have been able to further my understanding of the role that AACP plays within the profession of pharmacy. 
One of my main objectives this week was to meet individually with Senior Staff Members at AACP to find out more about their position and the path they have taken to get to it.  While I have not yet been able to schedule a meeting with everyone, I am amazed at the diversity of the Senior Staff Members I have met.   It is inspiring to learn their background and to see how their roles have developed within AACP.  I did not realize how much of an impact AACP had on both pharmacy education and pharmacy practice.  Dr. Lynette Bradley-Baker provided me with a great discussion on Pharmacist-Provided Patient Care Services, and how a major area of focus is to develop a consensus definition on Pharmacist-Provided Medication Therapy Management (MTM).  In meeting with Dr. Vincent Lau, I learned of the amount of resources AACP invests into faculty development—particularly in the areas of independent research and grant writing.  My meeting with Dr. Lucinda Maine was particularly well timed, as we were joined by Dr. Victor Yanchick; Dean of the VCU School of Pharmacy.  We went out to lunch and I was involved in an informative and entertaining discussion on the evolution of the practice of pharmacy and an outlook for the future. 

I was also able to sit in on several conference calls this week, including the PharmCAS Conduct Committee and the PharmCAS Advisory Panel.  These two calls enlightened me to the process that takes place in order to improve the PharmCAS application process and the steps that are taken in order to ensure the integrity of the program. 

After careful consideration, we decided that I would continue Kelley’s major financial aid project.  I will write more on this in future reflections, but as a quick summary: I am hoping to aid AACP in the development of a resource for prospective and current pharmacy students.  This resource will be made available to all schools and colleges of pharmacy, as well as professional student organizations within the schools.  It will provide a series of short modules to improve the overall financial literacy of students as well as provide specific information on the many options of student loans that are available.  The overall goal will be to give students the tools to make sound financial decisions that will prepare them both for professional school and life after it.

Next week, I will get the opportunity to attend the AACP Student Affairs and Experiential Education Workshop in San Antonio, Texas.  This is such an excellent opportunity, and I am very excited for the valuable experience I am sure to get there.  Plus, San Antonio is a great city!   


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