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Week 5: October 1 - October 5, 2012 by Brandon Dyson
As this is my last week at AACP, I have been tying together all of the loose ends on the projects I have worked on.  I completed the draft of my article for Academic Pharmacy Now.  That draft has since been through several rounds of revision.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to go through the editing process with Gerry Romano; Director of Communications and Marketing at AACP.  It was an eye-opening exercise!  With Mrs. Romano’s extensive experience in the field, she was able to quickly read through my draft and make alterations that kept my message intact but greatly enhanced the readability.  It was like analyzing my writing from an entirely new lens that left the finished product much more polished.  I now have a new perspective that I will try to develop further in future writings. 

My other main focus this week has been to complete the first phase of the AACP Debt Management Guide for Student Pharmacists.  As I have mentioned in a previous reflection, the goal of this guide is to enhance the financial literacy of student pharmacists and to help them matriculate through school while minimizing the total debt they must incur.  This week, I have been able to complete the relevant research and record the modules for phase one of the project.  This phase, entitled “The Basics,” included topics such as how to read a credit report and the differences between checking, savings, and money market accounts.  These topics aim to provide information relatively independent of administration changes in the United States.  The goal is to give student pharmacists the necessary foundation to plan their financial futures.  The great thing about working on this guide has been how much I have learned in researching the topics.  I can honestly say that I would have personally benefited from this information before I began my studies at the Howard University College of Pharmacy.  It would be tremendously rewarding if the effort that Kelley Ratermann and I have put into this project provides even a small benefit to current and future student pharmacists. 

One of the major points I have taken away from my time at AACP is the near exponential impact that academic pharmacy has on the profession.  In one of my first weeks here, I sat in on a senior staff meeting where Dr. Robert Kerr stated “Academic pharmacy creates the future.”  Having had a few weeks to digest that, I have been able to further realize its meaning.  The decisions and directives that start in academia profoundly affect both clinical practice and education.  I have seen the role that AACP has in pushing for a clear definition of MTM—a role that would certainly impact pharmacy practice.  I have learned of the advocacy efforts of AACP—efforts that help to secure government funding for academic research.  Academic research can lead to both new discoveries and new researchers that can have a global impact on practice.  Not to mention, the efforts of academic pharmacy are seen in 129 schools and colleges of pharmacy that graduate thousands of new practitioners every year.  It is very humbling to have witnessed and played even a small part in the role that AACP and academic pharmacy has on the profession. 

I cannot believe this is already the last day of my experience here at AACP!  These five weeks have flown by and I cannot even begin to express my gratitude for the opportunity I have had.  The staff has been inviting since day one, and they have gone out of their way to ensure that I felt welcome.  Everyone here has taught me something that I can continue to use after I leave.  Plus the whole rotation has been a lot of fun!  I would again like to send my sincerest thanks to Jen and everyone else at AACP for a great and memorable five weeks!


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