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Week 1: February 18-22 by Bernard Murray
Hello everyone, my name is Bernard Murray and I am a fourth year pharmacy student hailing from Howard University College of Pharmacy. I am completing my seventh APPE rotation at AACP. This will be my weekly blog of everything that goes on at this place that I will call a home away from home for the next five weeks. If there are any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.
Analogous to my close friend and colleague, Brandon Dyson, this week was cut short, due to the President’s Day holiday. Therefore, my first day was Tuesday and while I read the student manual, which provides instructions on how to find the front door of AACP, I initially got lost and wandered around in the cold for about 10 minutes. However, once I found the building, I was unexpectedly greeted with bagels, donuts, yogurt and coffee. This customary act from AACP really let me know how much the staff wants APPE students to feel welcomed and it worked wonders.
My first week consisted of working with the potential AACP Wal-Mart Scholar candidates’ application materials. I was a previous AACP Wal-Mart Scholar candidate, so working on the administrative side was a change of pace. I didn’t realize how much work goes into, not only the selection process, but just organizing the files for the review committee. In addition, my week was filled with meeting different individuals within the Association, including: Gerry Romano, B.A., CAE, Danielle Taylor, M.P.P., Yuen-Sum (Vincent) Lau, Ph.D., Lynette Bradley-Baker, R.Ph., Ph.D. and Brad Miller.
The most eye-opening of my meetings was with Dr. Lau. He emailed me his biography before our meeting and I read the over 70 articles he has published and his work on Parkinson’s disease and I was in awe of his work. However, when I walked in, he sat down across from me and explained that the reason he sent me his biography was so the session could be more focused on my goals and needs, which signaled that he genuinely cared about what I took away from the meeting. He explained to me the different tracks of becoming a professor, the importance of research, and even grant writing. These are things that I had not thought about in my pursuit of academia. From this meeting, I realized that although I still want to become a professor, I still had so much to learn about the profession. I, therefore, have so much to learn and will become more inquisitive and research more about what it takes.
In the three short days that I had at AACP, I have learned so much about the organization and how many people the organization helps. For example, I was drinking out of a coffee mug, courtesy of AACP, and I spot Dr. Joseph Ofosu’s name on the mug for the Academic Leadership Fellows Program. Dr. Joseph Ofosu was a previous Dean for the Howard University College of Pharmacy and one of the founding members for the chapter of Kappa Psi at Howard University, a fraternity I am a part of. This meant a lot to me not only because we are members of the same fraternity, but because he is a very respected individual who took the time to advance his career in academia. He decided not to be just mediocre, but to be outstanding. This is the kind of professor that I strive to become, and seeing his name on the mug signified to me that I can be more than a mediocre professor. If all of this happened in three short days, I can’t wait until week 2. This is an awesome rotation.


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