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Week 4 and 5: March 11-22 by Bernard Murray

I can’t believe how time has flown by. I am on my last day of my rotation at AACP. My experiences here have taught me multitudes about professionalism and being detail oriented. These lessons learned will continue to be practiced in my everyday career in order to ingrain these concepts into my daily routine.

My week four consisted of completing my evaluation of the Academic Fellows Leadership Program. In particular, I wanted to incorporate what the fellows thought about the program, thus, I reached out to previous fellows to provide feedback. I was under the impression that this was ok, however, I was overzealous and reached out to participants without Brad Miller’s approval of the email I would use to send out. While I generally received positive feedback from participants, some of the participants didn’t receive the email well because they were unfamiliar with me in relationship to the program. Some of the fellows even questioned the email for its authenticity because of their unfamiliarity with me.

Once responses like this had been received, I received advice on the proper protocol for sending emails and actually working on a team with other people. As far as emails are concerned, when working within an association or any organization, not only the format, but also the content and phrasing are crucial, since every email sent out represents the organization. I have been here only for three weeks, thus I do not have the length of experience to represent the organization. In addition, I should have informed Brad not only of my intentions to send out an email, but actually showed Brad the email so he could proof it and give me advice on the email. This was my biggest lesson that I learned from this rotation, my role on a team.
I have been on various rotations where I had to work on a team, and these assignments have usually been presentations where we collaborated with each other on our content, format, and then presented. However, this is not the correct approach, especially when working in a team. The correct approach is to inform team members of your progress on your specific part and seek out feedback from your other team members. This approach will be one that I implement from now on, as it allows for constructive feedback, as well as to keep team members informed on the progress of your work.

My week five is very bittersweet. I am so glad to have met everyone at AACP and I am so sad to leave. My fifth week consisted of me putting the final touches on my project presentation and completing my evaluation with Jen. I used ‘Prezi’ as a tool to present my findings to Brad and Danielle. The feedback I received was great, and Prezi was kind of stressful to use, simply because it is very different from using PowerPoint. However, it is a very innovative tool. Prezi is very fluid and with Prezi, you’re able to visualize the idea that is being presented, unlike PowerPoint, which is very static. I am glad I got introduced to it and look forward to having a chance to implement something like this for educational purposes. As I close out my final moments rotating at AACP, I can feel the professional growth I have experienced. For example, my interactions with team members to even simple tasks such as sending emails have experienced growth. I hope to continue this growth in my PGY1 residency at James A. Haley Veterans Affairs Hospital in Tampa, FL.

Bernard Murray


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