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Week 3: Feast for the Dreamer by Dayl Eccles
April 22, 2013
The APPE student work cubicle sits in a thoroughfare between the kitchen and back staff offices in the AACP Headquarters. Three other cubicles sit in this hallway space, but the last occupants have all finally relocated to the many windowed outer offices within the Headquarters over the last two weeks. Aside from the lunch and evening shuffles and an occasional laugh or cough, this hallway is quiet. This is in stark contrast to the stimulation from the last two weeks with a dozen meetings with staff members, traveling to conferences, and project planning with my preceptor. But the calm has the advantage of providing a space for synthesis and reflection. My table was filled with a feast of information, and now I have time to start turning this information into something even more valuable.
Truth be told, I wasn’t sure what to write this week. I didn’t feel like there were big revelations or major enhancements to my skill set. I was simply making connections with my past experiences and considering how they fit into the Mission and Vision of AACP. But as the days went on and I began to formulate my ideas into action plans with quick conversations with pertinent staff members, I did come to a realization. We get so caught up in the go, go, go of pharmacy school and exams and extracurricular obligations, we forget how important it really is to stop and synthesize the information we cram into our heads. Typically I fill my schedule so much that I have only provided myself with the ability to do instead of the ability to think. I have been slow to learn the lesson of stopping, but this week reinforced the value of providing myself with the setting of quiet time to make ideas turn into reality.
So if anyone asks what I did this week, I will tell them I practiced the valuable art of listening, dreaming, and drafting the ideas that come from the former two. And I will go home today and practice the art of actually scheduling regular time in my ever-busy schedule to continue to give myself the room to dream.
Dayl Eccles, PharmD Student
University of Washington


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