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Week 2: Enlightening by Kelley Ratermann

If I could choose one word to describe my second week at AACP, it would be enlightening. The past week has afforded me experiences that provide a deeper insight into the intricacies of this Association and augment my understanding our niche within the profession. I had the opportunity to sit-in on several conference calls and listen to feedback from other healthcare professionals, as well as some AACP staff members. I especially thought that Jen’s call with NAAHP was interesting because of the observations that were shared during their annual meeting breakdown. I would assume that gathering 17 types of health profession advising entities and having a productive conversation for all parties is somewhat difficult and sometimes frustrating; AACP is involved and committed to this innovative and necessary program, as is evidenced by Jen’s leadership on the advisory panel. To learn more about the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions and its mission, please click here.

Furthering my enlightenment was the conversation I had with Lynette about her role as the Director of Professional Alliance Development. I find her job extremely interesting because a majority of her time is spent attending meetings and ensuring that AACP has a voice as leaders in our profession try to make progress on all fronts. For example, Lynette discussed her upcoming meeting with the Counsel on Credentialing in Pharmacy, or CCP. This group of individuals is pivotal in determining what types of credentialing options should be available for aspiring pharmacists to help advance practice within the profession. Other organizations such as BPS also steer the conversation in terms of credentialing specialties within pharmacy and the expansion of pharmacy residency programs. As a student, I am excited to learn that there is a group of people dedicated to this cause and who meet on a regular basis to discuss which direction we should take so as to best navigate our ever-changing healthcare system.

I appreciate the time AACP employees have taken to help me understand how vital their job is to making this a successful association, as well as setting a positive impression outwardly to other associations.  I still have two more meetings with Senior Staff members and hope to fully understand the organizational structure upon the completion of these meetings; please see the associated image for more insight into the organizational structure of AACP. Lastly, I plan on furthering the development of my financial aid project now that Jen and Katie have helped guide me through the initial planning stages. I am also highly anticipating next week’s strategic planning meetings as I am sure this will provide an intimate level of detail into future directions for AACP and continue my enlightening experience


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