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Week 5: Whistle While You Work by Hillary Aphaisuwan

Week 5: Whistle While You Work
May 5 - May 9

As my fifth week in comes to a close, I realized I only have one week left to enjoy the beautiful weather (albeit unpredictable at times) and to explore the unique assortment of shops on King Street.  This also means that I only have one week left to squeeze out the most that I can out of my association management rotation at AACP.  It definitely feels like time has flown by!  At times, I wish I can just freeze time to allow me to get all done that I wished to complete during my time in Alexandria, Virginia.

This week has been mostly working on my projects and ensuring that I will be able to make my deadlines next week, especially since I have two comp days from the Science Festival and will be using them (friends and family are visiting!).  I’ve never been good at just sitting at a desk for 8 hours at a time completing tasks.  I love variety which is why the last two weeks of traveling have been extremely exciting for me.  However, this week my desk was overflowed with yellow sticky notes.  The strategy that always worked for me in a setting like this was to write down a list of what I needed to accomplish.  Not only would I just write a complete list, but I would categorize it by priority and even write a separate list for each day.  If I felt myself falling behind, I even broke it down by hour.  Doing this allowed me to feel a bit more accomplished every time I crossed an item off and it also kept me on task.

Another one of my priorities this week was to identify areas of the association I still might not understand completely and seek out those that will be able to assist me.  Jen has developed a very comprehensive rubric to evaluate my performance and understanding of association management that will be able to help me identify these areas.  While going through the rubric, I realized that I have forgotten some of the detailed information I learned about AACP’s programs and services since reading about them during my first week here.  Now that I have met all of the senior staff members and learned about their roles and responsibilities, I think it is important to revisit all of that information from my first week. I feel like I will be able to come to a complete full circle with this method.  Looks like it’s time to write my to-do list for my very last week at AACP (and for my very last week of pharmacy school!)

Hillary Aphaisuwan
PharmD Candidate, 2014
Midwestern University, College of Pharmacy – Glendale


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