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Pharmacy Career Information
Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP)

Pharmacy Career Information 

While the majority of pharmacists work in community pharmacies, there is an unprecedented demand for pharmacists in a wide variety of occupational settings. 

Academic Pharmacy


Academic Pharmacy - Brief overview of academic pharmacy careers.

Preparation for and Success in Academic Careers in Pharmacy

Top 10 Things that New Faculty Members Need to Know - Joseph T. DiPiro, Pharm.D., BCPS

Top 10 Strategies for Success as a Clinician Educator - Mario M. Zeolla, Pharm.D.

Ambulatory Care Pharmacist


Community Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy - Chain

Independent Community Pharmacy

Consultant Pharmacy

Consultant and Long Term Care Pharmacy

Role of Consultant Pharmacists - "The Druggist Is In", The Washington Post, (December 14, 2004) By Elizabeth Agnvall


Federal Pharmacy - Armed Services

Profiles of Pharmacists in Armed Services - May 2006 ASHP Article.

Armed Services - Pharmacy Careers in the Army, Navy, Air Force.

Federal Pharmacy - Public Health

Information from the United States Public Health Service

Public Health Careers for Pharmacists (Presentations are available here)

U.S. Public Health Service: Pharmacy's Best Kept Secret

USPHS Pharmacy Residency and Student Programs


Hospital and Institutional Pharmacy

Hospital and Institutional Pharmacy

Why Should I Work in a Hospital of Health System?  (Video version)

Keys to Unlocking the Past, Present, and Future of Health-System Pharmacy 

ASHP Statement on the Pharmacist's Role in Primary Care

ASHP Statement on the Role of Health-System Pharmacists in Public Health



Informatics Overview 

ASHP Statement on the Pharmacists Role in Informatics

Medical Informatics and Decision Making

Whither Pharmacy Informatics

Who are the Informaticians? What We Should and Shouldn't Know


Managed Care Pharmacy

Managed Care Pharmacy Information

Role of Managed Care Pharmacy - The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacists (AMCP) provides a brief overview of the many roles pharmacists play within managed care organizations and provides a basic understanding of the variety of activities that managed care pharmacists undertake on a daily basis.

Managed Care Glossary of Terms


Pharmaceutical Sciences/Industry

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Distributors

Pharmaceutical Industry

Is a Career in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Right for Me? - Careers in Pharmacy

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