2020 Call for School Posters

AACP Article

Submit a School Poster Abstract for the 2020 Annual Meeting in Long Beach



Deadline: Friday, April 3, 2020 at 11:59 P.M. (PST)

AACP member institutions are invited to submit one poster abstract, addressing the them Leading Change in Practice Transformation, by April 3. School posters will be displayed Saturday, July 18 from 1:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at Pharmacy Education 2020 in Long Beach, Calif.

Schools are invited to share information on how they are leading change in one of the four subcategories listed below. Given that each subcategory is extensive, schools can choose to present information on a specific element within a selected subcategory. 


  1. Strategies for Recruiting Students for the 21st Century Pharmacy Profession (i.e. methods of recruitment, engagement, diversifying the pipeline, etc.)

  2. Transforming Curriculum for the Future of Pharmacy (i.e. innovative practice models, new roles in the industry, etc.)
  3. Partnering with Stakeholders to Ensure Students Meet the Needs of the Changing Workforce
  4. Strategies for Creating a Culture of Professional Identity Formation in Pharmacy Education, Training or Practice  

Submission Instructions 

  1. To add or edit an abstract, go to Submit or Edit a Proposal under the Submitter Menu.
  2. Click on "Submit or Edit Proposal" 
  3. Click on "Submit a School Poster" 
  4. Enter the title, abstract and select a subcategory. Click on "Accept and Continue" 
  5. Enter additional author names and click "Accept and Continue" 
  6. Review and edit the submission before submitting the abstract. Click "Accept and Continue" to submit your completed abstract. An email confirming your submission will be sent to you immediately. 
  7. Click here to complete the School Poster Verification Form signed by the CEO Dean. The CEO Dean's signature is required to indicate approval of the abstract. 


  • All abstracts must be submitted by AACP members and represent an AACP member institution.
  • Everyone presenting, viewing, or displaying the poster must be registered for the Annual meeting.  
  • Only one poster can be accepted per college or school of pharmacy.
  • Each poster should be able to fit on a 4x8 feet display board.
  • The poster abstract must represent the poster theme.
  • Abstracts may not exceed 275 words, excluding title, school name, and authors.
  • The abstract must be proofread before submitting. Abstracts will be published in AJPE as submitted

Please contact Candelaria Moralez, Governance Coordinator, for any questions.