2020 Committee Nominations and Information

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2020 Call for Committee Volunteers 

If you are looking to enrich your AACP member experience and contribute to pharmacy education in a new and rewarding way, now is your chance! Participating on an AACP committee is an opportunity to share your expertise, connect with fellow members, and collaborate with your colleagues on programs and initiatives aimed at advancing the mission and strategic priorities of the Association.


Volunteer for a Committee

The AACP 2020 Call for Volunteers is open through March 11, 2020.


Each year, the AACP President-elect sets forth goals for the Association and charges for the committees to carry out this work. President-elect Dr. Anne Lin is focusing her upcoming presidency on building on the work of the 2019-2020 standing committees and will continue the focus on practice transformation. Additionally, education and leadership transformation will also be addressed as that is needed for practice transformation.

AACP Committees are organized into the following groups: Standing Committees, Special and Advisory Committees, and Awards Committees. The Standing Committees are established in AACP’s Bylaws and are tasked with creating and carrying out action plans directly related to AACP’s strategic priorities and charges of the current President. The Special and Advisory Committees contribute to the Association by providing technical expertise or advice in specific areas such as admissions, the Journal, etc. The Awards Committees aid in selecting and recommending candidates for the Association’s awards. There also may be ad hoc committees and task forces appointed for very specific tasks and timeframes. Although not part of this “call,” opportunities to serve on committees are also found within Sections and SIGs and are appointed by a different process. 

Position Availability 

Each committee has volunteer positions available based on specific composition, roles, and charges. Review the listing of all committee descriptions and position availability for more details. Committee appointments are made by the AACP President-elect and staff liaisons. Please note, committee participation is limited and not all volunteers will be able to serve on a committee during the 2020–21 cycle.

The selection process will begin in late March. Selected volunteers will be notified when the process is complete in June 2020. Questions about the selection process or duties of each committee may be directed to Candelaria Moralez, Governance Coordinator. 

AACP is recruiting new volunteers for the following committees:

Standing Committees
  • Academic Affairs Committee 
  • Professional Affairs Committee
  • Research and Graduate Affairs Committee
  • Strategic Engagement Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Audit Committee 
  • Bylaws and Policy Development Committee 
  • Finance Committee
  • Nominating Committee
Special and Advisory Committees
  • Admissions Workshop Advisory Committee
  • AJPE Editorial Board 
  • Institutional Research and Assessment Committee 
  • PCAT Advisory Committee
  • PCAT Prep Advisory Committee
  • Pharm4Me Champions Advisory Committee
  • PharmCAS Advisory Committee
  • PharmGrad Advisory Committee
Awards Committees
  • Chalmers 
  • Dawson
  • Distinguished Teaching Scholar
  • Lyman
  • Volwiler


Committee members shall be active individual or student individual members of the Association and may be reappointed. Having special expertise or experience needed to fill committees assigned agendas may also be a qualifying factor.

Additional AACP Volunteer Opportunities

Access AACP’s Volunteer Management System where you can complete your volunteer profile and search current opportunities.