AACP Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-racism Committee Charter

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AACP Mission: Advance pharmacy education, research, scholarship, practice and service, in partnership with members and stakeholders, to improve health for all. 

AACP Diversity Statement: AACP affirms its commitment to foster an inclusive community and leverage diversity of thought, background, perspective, and experience to advance pharmacy education and improve health. 

Purpose of the AACP Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-racism (DEIA) Committee: In 2020, the AACP DEIA Committee was established to provide guidance, strategic recommendations and action steps related to organizational priorities and activities that enhance our goals in diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism throughout our organization, including members, leadership and staff. 

DEIA Committee Mission Statement 

The DEIA Committee seeks to advance the AACP mission and Diversity Statement by providing guidance and recommendations for actions to achieve the diversity, equity and inclusion goals and needs of our organization, members (both institutional and individual) leadership and staff.   

DEIA Committee Composition

The DEIA Committee is a diverse group composed of AACP staff volunteers from various areas of the organization. There is no limit to how long a member may serve on the Committee; a minimum of one year is desirable. 

Advisory Panel

The DEIA Committee will utilize, as needed, the input and guidance of an Advisory Panel composed of subject matter experts on DEIA topics. The Advisory Panel members will serve as resources and may be directly or indirectly involved in the implementation of actions and activities recommended by the Committee.

Target Audiences

The goals and efforts of the DEIA Committee are targeted at the following audiences: 

  1. Institutional and Individual AACP members, including the various affinity groups (COS/Sections and SIG Cabinet/SIGs) 
  2. AACP Staff and Association-wide leadership (Board of Directors) and appointed Committees, Task Forces 
  3. External audiences: prospective students; other organizations and partners 

DEIA Committee Goals 

  • To support the AACP mission, diversity statement, and strategic priorities, the DEIA Committee will: 
  • Identify opportunities to engage the target audiences in DEIA activities and action steps 
  • Identify and compile a broad portfolio of DEIA resources 
  • Identify needs and goals of members in DEIA areas, and seek to address those needs and assist/support those goals 
  • Foster avenues to allow for rich dialogue and exchanges among members, staff and external organizations to advance DEIA initiatives 
  • Disseminate information on DEIA programs, initiatives, events and resources 
  • Collect relevant information and data on AACP DEIA activities across all target audiences to share, as appropriate, and to use to evaluate DEIA efforts 


  • DEIA Committee receives direction from AACP executive leadership and AACP Board of Directors. 
  • DEIA Committee provides regular activity updates and informs AACP executive leadership on issues that may require action. 

Expectations, Roles, and Responsibilities 

  • Schedule and attend monthly meetings with proposed agendas  
  • Co-leads for the three target audiences convene meetings, as needed, and report to the full committee 
  • Establish an equitable division of labor and participation among committee members  
  • Identify a process for documenting and maintaining meeting notes and consolidated work plan  
  • Participate in internal and external activities, events, programs, etc. 
  • Facilitate an annual review of the committee charter 

List of DEIA Committee Members

Michelle Assa-Eley

Michelle Bogdanovich 

Charles Johnson

Tom Maggio

Candelaria Moralez (Co-lead)

Terri Smith Moore (Co-lead)

Terry Ryan (Co-lead)

Miranda Steinkopf