Academic Affairs Committee

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Academic Affairs Committee

The 2017-18 Academic Affairs Committee will:

  • With the current and future generations of learners in mind, identify emerging and future models for teaching/learning and provide recommendations for the resources and strategies needed to change cultures within colleges/schools and support implementation of these models by more faculty. (Note: this would not be limited to what are the emerging models in schools and colleges of pharmacy).
  • Committee builds the first call for educational research by individuals or groups of schools to answer the question: What educational methods and tools can be used to advance the identification and acquisition of foundational knowledge as well as translating the knowledge to practice?
  • Investigate the attributes of those who self-identify as lifelong learners among many professions and make recommendations for cultural shifts to self-awareness and lifelong learning in schools and colleges of pharmacy.
  • Identify existing faculty and tenure promotion guidelines within the context of the above charges and Goal 3.1.4 of the Strategic Plan. Suggest materials and information and wording that could be recommended to all schools and colleges to amend their promotion and tenure guidelines to support the above.


Michael J. Fulford (The University of Georgia) Chair
Ruth E. Nemire (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
Liza M. Castro (University of Puerto Rico) Member
Johnnie L. Early II (The University of Toledo) Member
Donald A. Godwin (The University of New Mexico) Member
Michael Gonyeau (Northeastern University) Member
Sarah E. Griffin (Harding University) Member
Gail B. Rattinger (Binghamton University) Member
Kelly M. Shields (Ohio Northern University) Member
Kyle Sousa (West Coast University) Member