Bylaws and Policy Development Committee (BPDC)

AACP Article

The BPDC is primarily responsible for preparing the work of the House of Delegates. This year Speaker Michael Manolakis and President David D. Allen also ask the Committee to complete the review of the policy compendium begun by the 2016–2017 BPDC and recommend whether policies that may require substantive amendments be presented in the Preliminary report of the Committee in April 2019.

Laura M. Borgelt (University of Colorado) Chair
Michael L. Manolakis (Wingate University)
Lucinda Maine (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy)
Lawrence M. Brown (Chapman University) Member
Glenn Anderson (The University of Louisiana at Monroe) Member
David A. Holdford (Virginia Commonwealth University) Member
Daniel R. Kennedy (Western New England University) Member
Teresa A. Schweiger (Shenandoah University) Member
Robert M. Riggs (Samford University) Member
Laura H. Waite (University of the Sciences) Member