Election Winners

AACP Article

AACP Election Winners

Anne Y. Lin

AACP President-elect

Anne Y. Lin. Pharm.D.
Notre Dame of Maryland University

David P. Zgarrick

AACP Treasurer

David P. Zgarrick, Ph.D.
Northeastern University

Wanda T. Maldonado

Council of Deans Chair-elect

Wanda T. Maldonado, Pharm.D.
University of Puerto Rico

Adam M. Persky

Council of Faculties Chair-elect

Adam M. Persky, Ph.D.
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Jamie L. Wagner

Council of Faculties Secretary of Knowledge Management

Jamie L. Wagner, Pharm.D.
The University of Mississippi

Bernadette K. Brown

Council of Sections Chair-elect

Bernadette K. Brown, Pharm.D.
Butler University

Timothy Bloom

Council of Sections Secretary of Knowledge Management

Timothy Bloom, Ph.D.
Shenandoah University


Administrative Services


Jennifer L. Adams, Pharm.D. 
Idaho State University

Biological Sciences


Lila P. LaGrange, Ph.D.
University of the Incarnate Word

Secretary of Knowledge Management

Ajay K. Bommareddy, Ph.D. 
Wilkes University



Guiseppe Gumina, Ph.D. 
Presbyterian College

Continuing Professional Development


Hoai-An Truong, Pharm.D. 
University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Secretary of Knowledge Management

Paige Clark, B.S. 
Oregon State University

Experiential Education


Kim D. Tanzer, Pharm.D. 
Western New England University

Secretary of Knowledge Management

Lindsey Welch, Pharm.D. 
The University of Georgia

Library and Information Science


Rebecca Hoover, Pharm.D. 
Idaho State University



Asish K. Dutta, Ph.D. 
Notre Dame of Maryland University

Secretary of Knowledge Management

Bill J. Bowman, Ph.D. 
Midwestern University/Glendale

Pharmacy Practice


Jill S. Borchert, Pharm.D. 
Midwestern University/Downers Grove

Social and Administrative Sciences


Jamie C. Barner, Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Austin