Pharm4Me Champions

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Pharm4Me Student Recruitment Champions

In July 2016, the AACP House of Delegates passed a new, bold strategic plan for the organization.  Priority 1 in this new plan is Enriching the Applicant Pipeline. One of the goals under this priority is to increase the PharmD applicant pool. Pharm4Me champions at colleges and schools of pharmacy are directly contributing to this goal in collaboration with efforts reflected under Priority 2, Creating a New Portrait of Pharmacists and Pharmacy Careers. Each college and school of pharmacy has been asked to designate one or more Pharm4Me Champions, who participate in the educational campaign that aims to inspire and foster the next generation of pharmacists in the United States.

Champion Charge: 

  • Host 1-2 pharmacy career promotion events per year for high school students.
  • Share event participant contact information with AACP
  • Contribute ideas to the Pharm4Me nurturing campaign
  • Share recruitment ideas with other Pharm4Me Champions. 

Sample Permission Statement for Use with Prospective Students

We would like to share your details with the Pharmacy is Right for Me (Pharm4Me) Recruitment Campaign of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. The intended purpose for which your data being shared with Pharm4Me is to keep you informed about exciting and rewarding pharmacy careers.

Volunteer to Be a Pharm4Me Champion

Pharmacists, faculty, and staff who are AACP members are eligible to serve as Champions. If not already done, register as a Pharm4Me Champion today. Contact the AACP Student Affairs team with your questions, ideas, and feedback. Together, we can achieve more and have a lasting impact on the future!