PharmGrad Advisory Committee


The PharmGrad Advisory Committee should counsel the Association and Liaison International on the development and promotion of the Pharmacy College Application Service for Graduate Programs. The Committee will assist with the following objectives:

  • Ensuring the centralized application service is designed to meet the needs of academic pharmacy and prospective graduate students in the pharmaceutical sciences;
  • Ensuring the centralized application service is operationally and fiscally sound;
  • Promotion of PharmGrad to AACP member institutions, prospective applicants, health professions advisors, and other related organizations; and
  • Evaluation of system performance and recommendations for enhancements.


Ann Bruno, M.A. (Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences) Chair
Lori M. Altenbaugh (University of Pittsburgh) Member
Jennifer L. Clutter, M.A. (West Virginia University) Member
Sudip K. Das, Ph.D. (Butler University) Member
Kimberly J. Dunn, M.S. (Campbell University) Member
M. O. Faruk Khan, Ph.D. (Marshall University) Member
Peter Gannett, Ph.D. (Nova Southeastern University) Member
Gregory B. Hetrick, M.Ed. (Manchester University) Member
Ronald P. Jordan, B.S. (Chapman University) Member
Marcia L. Parker, M.B.A. (Keck Graduate Institute) Member
Karen L. Rascati, Ph.D. (The University of Texas at Austin) Member
Jeffrey Wang, Ph.D. (Western University of Health Sciences) Member
Melissa Keaveney (Liaison International) PharmGrad Liaison 
Nicole Iarossi (Liaison International) PharmGrad Liaison 
Katie Owings (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison
Kirsten F. Block (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy) Staff Liaison